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Youth Master Plan

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Cover of the Vacaville Youth Master PlanThe Vacaville Youth Master Plan provides a vision for Vacaville’s youth. It is a living document that digs deep into the Vacaville community and examines the strengths and weaknesses of the services available for youth in Vacaville. The Youth Master Plan identifies needs the youth in the community have and who can provide for those needs. It gives the City of Vacaville, Vacaville and Travis Unified School Districts and Vacaville youth serving organizations a road map for moving forward. From its inception over ten years ago to this revision numerous youth and adult volunteers have worked together to create this plan.

The Vacaville Youth Master Plan revision incorporates the Forum for Youth Investment, Ready by 21 philosophies that “all young people need to grow up healthy and strong, learn skills for today’s jobs, be connected to the community, and be prepared to succeed”. It also remains consistent with the original Youth Master Plan in dividing youth into four developmental periods then adds the fifth developmental period of Post High School, 19 to 24 years old. This decision was made to address the reality that young adults are choosing to return to Vacaville after college and/or stay in Vacaville following High School and supports for them must be identified.

We sought to define the highest aspirations we have for all our young pole ages 0 to 24.

To view the 2015 YMP, click here.