REACH in action

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Rocky Hill Trail
The Vacaville REACH Coalition has assisted with mobilizing the community to raise awareness of the Rocky Hill Trail, a trail that grew out of necessity in a low-income neighborhood in Vacaville. The Coalition has worked with members of our community and City personnel to make recommendations for improvements. To celebrate the trail's improvements youth are now planning annual events on the trail.

Youth Master Plan 
The Vacaville REACH Coalition is working to implement the Vacaville Youth Master Plan to address the needs of today’s youth ages 0-24. We are accomplishing this through the Vacaville Youth Roundtable.

City of Vacaville's General Plan
The Vacaville REACH Coalition worked with the Community Development Department to include youth voice in the planning and decision making process of creating the City of Vacaville’s General Plan.

The Vacaville REACH Coalition worked with the City of Vacaville to ensure youth voice was included in the City of Vacaville’s website design. The City of Vacaville page includes a youth section and social networking components. We are also working to develop a new youth webpage for Vacaville.

The Vacaville REACH Coalition takes every opportunity to provide leadership and mentoring to youth. REACH has intern positions available.