Infrastructure Improvement Projects

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Utilities Engineering coordinates and oversees planning, design, and construction of improvements to the Department’s infrastructure in conjunction with the Public Works Engineering Division. Public Works issues a quarterly report of the status of all Capital Improvement Program projects planned for or under construction within the City.

Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant Tertiary Project – Completion Phase

S11-3 Dec 2017

The EWWTP Tertiary Project – Completion Phase is the fourth and final portion of the planned construction projects that are needed to meet the requirements of the City’s current National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit, as well as to address the California Regional Water Quality Control Board’s shifting focus toward groundwater protection. The project includes construction of a vehicle storage building, concrete lining of the emergency storage basin, repair of the northern biosolids drying bed, complete demolition of the north plant, and extension of the north plant containment wall.

An Environmental Impact Report was prepared for the Tertiary Project pursuant to the provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act and was certified by the Planning Commission on April 20, 2010.

The construction contract was awarded to Myers & Sons Construction, LP of Sacramento, CA for $9,975,000 at the City Council Meeting held November 15, 2016, and construction began on January 3, 2017.