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Only Rain Down the Storm Drain

The storm drain system is designed to collect and convey storm water runoff away from streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and roofs during rain events. Once the water enters the storm drain, it flows UNTREATED directly to creeks and waterways within the City of Vacaville.

Stormwater Pollution

Storm water runoff or runoff from sprinklers and garden hoses (due to overwatering) can wash pollutants from lawns, driveways, landscaping, parking lots, and streets into the storm drain. This water then flows to the nearest creek or waterway. Most urban storm water pollution comes from everyday activities of residents, businesses, and industries, including:

  • Using pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers
  • Vehicles leaking motor oil or other automotive fluids
  • Dumping concrete or plaster to the driveway or gutter
  • Washing vehicles in the street, driveway, or parking lot
  • Storing landscape materials or dirt in the street or driveway
  • Sweeping leaves and grass clippings into the streets or gutter
  • Washing or rinsing paint brushes or painting equipment to the gutter
  • Dumping trash, plastic bags, and cigarette butts on the ground or pavement.
  • Washing out residual concrete from trailer hoppers or wheelbarrows to the gutter

Watch the following videos to learn more about the problems associated with storm water pollution.


Take responsibility for your daily activities that can impact the environment.

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