Environmental Protection

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A link to the Fats, Oils, and Grease web page Link to Residential Source Control issues Image for Businesses and what they can do to protect the environment links to current Source control page. Image of a recycling vacaville, links to the vacaville recycling.com website run by a city of vacaville employee Image of a parched lake bed links to the water conservation page Image of the Waste water treatment plant links the user back to the utilities home page Image of a smile made of cleaned up trash links to the Creek Clean up Page Image Link to Storm water pollution page and A link and phone number to report illegal dumping Image of Mono Lake where salt and mineral build up has killed plant life links to Salinity webpage Fats Oil and Grease link Residential information for keeping our cities Pipes Clean Currently Goes to the residential info page, will have information related to restaurants, businesses, and permitted industries All topic related to Storm Water Pollution and what we can do to prevent it. Information for when you see sometihng that doesn't look right going down the storm drain. for information about salts minerals and disolved solids in our water and why they are a problem Information about our creeks and events for people as to why we should keep them clean. for information about water conservation and why it is important. For information about options for proper disposal of Househols Hazardous Waste options and Recyclying here in Vacaville