Safe Business Program

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Safe Business Program brochure

The Safe Business Program is the Vacaville Police Department’s newest crime prevention program. It is the latest addition to an extensive list of services offered by the Vacaville Police Department. The specified program is designed to benefit the community-at-large by providing safe business via partnerships.

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Who can participate in the Safe Business Program?

Any and all businesses located within the city of Vacaville.

How can Safe Business help me?

The Safe Business program uses partnerships and proven strategies to reduce crime within the Vacaville business districts. Studies show, higher crime areas impose costs on communities through lower property values, higher insurance premiums and reduction in pedestrian traffic. Subsequently, a safer business tends to lead to higher consumer rates; thus, a healthy thriving business and local community.

How do I get certified through the Safe Business Program?

  • 4 hours training session for business owners and/or managers
  • On-site CPTED evaluation with recommendations
  • Follow-up evaluation with certification

What are the benefits of the Safe Business program?

  • Direct access to Vacaville Police Department’s Community Response Unit (CRU)
  • Tailored security and safety evaluation(s) specific to your business
  • Continual updates on the latest safety tips and information on local crime
  • Invitations to Safe Business events and meetings
  • Free materials, including Safe Business decals   Increased customer volume
  • Increased customer volume  - SAFETY equals BUSINESS!

What will the Safe Business Program cost me?

The Safe Business Program will be provided free of charge by the Vacaville Police Department; this includes: (CPTED) inspections, signage, trainings and other materials.

How can I get more information or sign up for the Safe Business Program?

Contact Detective Le’Ron Cummings

(707) 410-9420