Youth Sports FAQ

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Where can I register?

  • You can register online HERE or you can register at any of the three community centers in Vacaville.

What if I missed the registration deadline?

  • If you missed the deadline, you would have to call the Youth Sports Office at (707) 469 – 4035 or email and ask to be placed on the waitlist for the requested program. Waitlisted participants will be placed on teams that have available spots. There is no guarantee that your child will be placed on a team or that any friend requests will be honored. If your child is placed on a team, the Youth Sports office will call you and let you know that you can register from that point on. A $20 late fee applies for late registration. Late registration (once approved by the Youth Sports Office) can only be completed at any of the community centers in Vacaville. You cannot register online past the deadline.

Are city jerseys mandatory?

  • Jerseys are mandatory for all team participants during the games. The jerseys cost $20 and can be used season-to-season. The jerseys are a blue-and-white reversible shirt, blue is for the Home team while white for the Visitor team.

Can my kids “play up” in another age/grade group?

  • Players are allowed to play up one division/group upon parental approval. Please call (707) 469 – 4035 for more information about playing up one division.

How are rosters formed?

  • After the registration deadline, participants are divided up according to friend requests, school groups and age/grade groups. Players are placed on teams in a respective order of friend requests, school, and then grade level.

Can my child request to play with a friend?

  • Yes, if both players request each other when registering then those two players will be placed on the same team. However, the friend requests must be reciprocal; if the requests are not reciprocal then there will be no guarantee that they will be placed on the same team. NOTE: Some leagues may have restrictions on friend requests.

Can my children play together on the same team?

  • Yes, when registering please let the registration staff or the Youth Sports Office (707-469-4035) know that the children are siblings and that you would want them on the same team. If you were interested in having your children play on separate teams, then please make a note of that when registering, or please let the registration staff or the Youth Sports Office know.

May I request that my child be placed with the same coach as last year?

  • Players are not able to request a specific coach.

Are there playoffs?

  • There are no playoffs in our leagues. However, in our volleyball league, we will typically hold Tournament at the end of the season.

What equipment is provided by the City of Vacaville?

  • Basketball:
    • A limited amount of basketballs used during practices. A limit of 2 basketballs per coach.
  • Volleyball:
    • A set amount of volleyballs will be provided to each team to use during practices.
  • T-Ball/Fall Ball:
    • Teams will be provided t-balls, one to two bats, catcher’s gear, one batting tee and one to two helmets.
  • Flag Football:
    • Teams will provided footballs and flags to use during practices and games.
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