Recreation Needs Assessment

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In 2011 the Community Services Department contracted with the Sports Management Group to conduct a Recreation Needs Assessment for the City of Vacaville. The purpose of this project was to gain an accurate understanding of the public’s perception of the park and recreation facilities and services provided by the City.

The project work included conducting a statistically valid telephone survey, a web-based “virtual town hall meeting” (where residents participated in an online survey), meetings with various stakeholders, user groups, focus groups, and an analysis of all of the data to determine the facilities and programs required to serve the current and projected demand to a horizon of 2030.

The Recreation Needs Assessment identifies current and future recreational needs and interests; identifies existing gaps in programs, services and facilities, and develops short term, mid-term, and long term recommendations that address deficiencies and service delivery. The Needs Assessment also identifies trends and the impact they will have on the demand and delivery of recreation services.

The final results and analysis will also be used to help guide three important related projects: 
    • The current effort to update the City’s General Plan 
    • A master plan for Centennial Park 
    • A future update to the City’s 1992 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan

The Community Services Commission reviewed this final document at their meeting of November 6, 2013, and recommended that the City Council approve the document. It is anticipated that City Council will consider the document sometime in early 2014. The public may provide comment or ask questions by contacting Hew Hesterman – Park Planner at (707) 449 – 5655, or via e-mail at: .

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Survey Chart PictureThe Sports Management Group, on behalf of the City of Vacaville, California, commissioned Strategic Research Associates to conduct a telephone survey of Vacaville residents aged 18 and older. The survey was conducted from November 30, 2011 to December 9, 2011. The survey’s primary objectives were to measure current perceptions about Vacaville’s park and recreation system, explore how residents feel about the desirability of funding each of a number of proposed changes to this system, and investigate how voters would react to a potential ballot measure to fund park-related community facilities and services. Other objectives included measuring recent use of Vacaville’s park system and assessing attitudes and preferences about the city’s recreation programs and events. Below are the results of the survey, including an Executive Summary, charts and other information related to the survey.

Executive Summary

Graphic Summary (Charts) of Respondent Background Characteristics

Crosstabulated Results (with text of questionnaire)

Verbatim Responses

Baseline Results


Web-Based Survey
The online (web-based) survey was conducted through the City of Vacaville web site (ending February 10, 2012), and although it asked the same questions as the telephone survey, the results are not statistically valid because participants actively chose to participate. Perhaps the most useful contribution from online respondents was their much greater ability to answer the survey's unaided questions regarding what they like about the park system and what should be added.

Online Survey Results

Crosstabulated Results (with text of questionnaire)

Verbatim Responses

Baseline Results