Bike Paths

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The City of Vacaville offers a wide variety of on and off street bikeways. These include:

Class I - Bike Path: A dedicated exclusive bike path meant for bike and pedestrian traffic.

Class II - Bike Lane: A marked lane exclusively for bike travel on roadways.

Class III - Bike Route: Sometimes marked, Bike Routes offer advantages compared to alternative routes. Bicycle riders must share the roadway with other vehicles.Leisure Town Road bike path

Bicycle riders should always use caution while riding, particularly on a Class I Bike Path or a Class III Bike Route, where the route is shared with pedestrians and vehicles.

Maps are available of Vacaville's City bike paths, as well as the proposed system map for Solano County.

The Solano Transportation Authority has a lot of valuavle information on biking in Solano County. That information can be found here.

Here are some bike safety rules provided by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Leisure Town Road bike path