Recreational Programs
Agency Address Phone Number Additional Information
Boy Scouts of America Golden Empire Council PO Box 13558 Sacramento 95853 (800) 427-1417 (916) 929-1417 (916) 929-4461 FAX Year around programs for boys, about the ages of 11-17. Programs featured self-reliance and ethical decision making.
George Duke Sports Center 702 E. Monte Vista Ave. Vacaville 95688 (707) 449-6285 Offers a gym and multi-purpose room for sporting events. Ideal for basketball and volleyball games.
Girl Scouts of Northern California 7700 Edgewater Dr, # 340 Oakland 94621 (800) 447-4475 ext. 3001 Girls learn the importance of personal responsibility, the value of goal-setting, the spirit of teamwork, and the thrill of accomplishment.
(PAL) Vacaville Police Athletic League PAL is one of the oldest citizen-building youth programs in the nation. 91 Town Square Place Vacaville 95688 PAL builds friendships between law enforcement officer and children (7-18 yrs.) within the community (707) 469-6671 Contact: Anthony Ryans The recreation and enrichment component of Vacaville PAL encourages socialization while building self-esteem and a sense of community. Our staff and volunteers have the opportunity to be a trusted authority figure that assists children with finding guidance, settling goals, and enjoying new life opportunities. PAL is a traditional American program where one generation responsibly shares its wisdom and helps kids learn to work together to be responsbile for themselves, as well as set goals in their lives.
P.A.W.S. Dog Park located at Lagoon Valley Regional Parks Hugo Ochoa (707) 469-4002 Linda Johnson (707) 469-4024 People Aware of the Well-being of the Speechless (PAWS), a dog park advocacy group, is a non-profit organization. The City of Vacaville is responsible for the maintenance of the dog park located at the Lagoon Valley Regional Parks.
Swimming Pool Walter Graham Aquatic Center 1100 Alamo Dr. Vacaville 95687 (707) 469-4028 Registration (707) 469-4020 Community pool available for lessons, open swimming and rentals.
Thank Goodness It's Fun Club 1000 Ulatis Dr. Vacaville 95687 Registration must be done in person: Call (707) 469-4020 Programs open to kids ages 5-12. Crafts, field trips, games, sports, and many other exciting summer activities are available. Headquarters open to children who are off track from a year round school. Fee required. Location: Alamo, Browns Valley, Cambridge, Cooper, Foxboro, Callison and Padan.
Vacaville American Little League Baseball PO box 6469 Vacaville, Ca 95696 Baseball program for all ages based on the city district that the player resides in.
Vacaville Bengals Youth Football and Cheer PO Box 126 Vacaville 95696 Offers football and cheer opportunities.
Vacaville Bobbysox Softball PO Box 2041 Vacaville 95696 Vacaville girls softball league for players ages 4-19.
Vacaville Community Services Department Three Oaks Community Center John A. McBride Center Ulatis Community Center (707) 469-1020 (707) 469-6660 (707) 469-4000 Offers information on our local parks, glorious performing arts theater, state-of-the-art aquatic center, bike trails and community recreational programs and activities.
Vacaville Gymnastics Program 501 Davis St. Vacaville 95687 Inside Vacaville Ice Skating Center (707) 449-6101 Call after 3:30 pm Offers a variety of classes including Boys Gymnastics, Moms and Tots, Beginners through Advanced classes, Power Tumbling, and pre-team and team program. Fee required. Inside Skating Rink.
Vacaville National Little League Baseball Baseball program for all ages based on the city district that the player resides in.
Vacaville Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club Trower Neighborhood Center 100 Holly Lane Vacaville 95688 (707) 999-5034 Structure program to assist students in grades 1-8 with school assignments. Staff members and teen volunteers are available for tutoring and to answer questions. Drug, alcohol, and pregnancy prevention leadership program.
Vacaville Pony Baseball Association Organized league play. Youth baseball for boys and girls ages 7-18 yrs. old.
Vacaville Public Library Ulatis Cultural Center 1020 Ulatis Drive Vacaville 95687 Town Square 1 Town Square Place Vacaville 95688 (866) 57ASKUS (866) 572-7587 Weekly activities for children. Clubs, programs, and volunteer opportunities for teens.
Vacaville Ride-A-Long Program Block Closure Program Vacaville Police Department 660 Merchant St. Vacaville 95688 Leave a message. (707) 449-5432 The Ride-Along program is an opportunity to experience what a typical day is like for a Vacaville police officer. Must be 14 years old. If you will be using or closing a City street you will need to contact our Block Closure Coordinator for block closure information and request.
Vacaville Skating Center 551 Davis Street Vacaville 95696 (707) 455-0225 Program for all ages and abilities, skaters and non-skaters. Services listed on website.
Vacaville Swim Club PO Box 122 Vacaville 95696 Competitive sports team. Novice-National levels ages 6-18
Vacaville Youth Soccer League PO Box 73 Vacaville 95696 Soccer program for all ages.
Youth Recreation Basketball George Duke Sports Center 720 E. Monte Vista Vacaville 95688 (707) 449-6287 Offers a various basketball clinics in addition to the basketball league and basketball tournament.