Organization Title/Name Address Phone
Allendale Union Chapel Pastor Dave Brown 4844 Store Road 707-469-8437
Amistad United Church of Christ
735 Brookside Drive 707-448-5415
Bethany Luthern Church Reverend Gregory Stringer 621 S. Orchard Ave 707-451-6675
Calvary Chapel
2601 Nut Tree Road, Suite C 707-469-6343
Chabd of Solano County Rabbi Cahim 730 East Main Street 707-592-5300
Christian Body Life Fellowship Pastor Willie Graham 1201 Marshall Road 707-685-0070
Christian Church of Vacaville
66 Vine Street 707-448-8778
Church of Christ Pastor Garrett Sander 401 Fir Street 707-448-5085
Church of Christ
1500 Alamo Drive 707-448-8838
Church of God
601 Boyd Street 707-448-2228
Church of God at Vacaville Pastor Garrison Hopper 100 Main Street 707-365-8701
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Bishop Ben Dawson 311 Alamp Drive AC Ward 707-448-5661
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Bishop James Haskell 360 Portsmouth Drive Sum Ward 707-448-8702
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Bishop Ray Quain 311 Alamo Drive Fox Ward 707-447-2287
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Bishop Larry Christensen 480 Wrentham Drive VR Ward 707-446-9310
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Bishop Michael Sandifer 480 Wrentham Drive BV Ward 707-451-0889
Church of the Epiphany Reverend Mac Olsen 300 Wet Street 707-448-2275
Community Presbyterian Church Reverend Mark Wright 425 Hemlock Street 707-448-5055
Covenant Community Church Pastor Julia Leeth 3870 Alamo Drive 707-448-5234
Crossroads Christian Church Pastor Bruce Gallaher 190 Butcher Road 707-446-9838
Curry Temple CME Church
740 Marshall Road 707-448-1542
Faith Community Church Pastor Jon Kile 192 Bella Vista Road 707-451-2026
Faith Family Bible Church Pastor Russell Crooks 157 Leisure Way 707-451-8375
Faith Ministry Baptist Church Pastor Victor Zavala 5100 Maple Road 707-448-1794
First Baptist Church Of Vacaville Pastor Wyatt Duncan 1127 Davis Street 707-448-6209
Harvest Church Pastor Dave Baker 126 Peabody Road 707-427-8378
Jehovah's Witnesses Elder Scott Lindsey 400 Brown Street 707-448-1113
Live on Purpose Comminity Church Pastor Erin Edwards 34-B Union Way 707-720-8748
New Hope Christian Fellowship Reverend Curtis Miller 4910 Allison Parkway 707-446-4051
New Life Church
5900 Cherry Glen Road 707-446-9000
North Hill Christian Church
131 Parker Street 707-449-8977
Orchard Avenue Baptist Church Pastor Ken Doan 301 N. Orchard Avenue 707-448-5848
Rolling Hills Community Church Pastor Darren Paulson 148 South Orchard Avenue 707-448-2175
Sanctuary Church Pastor Alton Findlaytor 2024 Nut Tree Taod 707-592-6771
Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
580 Trinity Avenue 707-448-8599
Shilo Baptist Church Pastor Gregory Mack 185 Chandler Street 707-446-4151
Solano County Islamic Center Mr. Yousef Congestio 413 Berryessa Dr. 323-804-8528
SonRise Community Fellowship Pastor Dean Roberts 310 Parket Street 707-448-2566
Southside Community Church
150 Alamo Drive 707-446-4422
St. John Lutheran Church Pastor Scott Stone 78 Peabody Raod 707-469-1546
St. Joseph Catholic Church Father Rehier Siva 1791 Marshall Road 707-447-2354
St. Mary's Catholic Church Father Blaise Berg 350 Stinson Ave 707-448-2390
St. Matthew Baptist Church Pastor Vic A. Russell 125 McClellan Street 707-448-1560
St. Paul Methodist Church Reverend Jim Lockwood-Stewart 101 West Street 707-448-5154
Templo La Hermosa Church
721 Wesley Avenue 707-453-0629
The Father's House Pastor Dave Patterson 3333 Vaca Valley Pkway #800 707-455-7790
The Mission Church
6391 Leisure Town Road 707-448-3124
The Pentecostals of Vacaville Pastor Whiseant 635 William street 707-685-9291
Trinity Baptist Church Pastor Greg Davidson 401 W. Monte Vista Ave 707-448-5430
Unity Church of the Valley Reverend Dalia Adams 350 North Orchard Avenue 707-447-0521
Vacaville Bible Church Reverend Ben Smith PO Box 340 707-446-8684
Valley Church Pastor Jeremy White 5063 Maple Road 707-448-7222