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"What's the Plan" Videos

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Videos on plans for Vacaville's future

Below are videos produced by the City of Vacaville regarding Community Development projects and areas of concern.  

What's the Plan -  Development Code Update



What's the Plan -  Cannabis, Downtown Plan



What's the Plan -  Green Tree, Lagoon Valley, Downtown Plan


What's the Plan -  Residential Development Projects


What's the Plan -  Farmstead at North Orchard and other developments


What's the Plan -  East Main District, Residential, Commercial, and Park Development


What's the Plan -  East Main District, Green Tree Development, Mixed Use Zoning, the Farmstead


What's the Plan - The Farm at Alamo Creek, Downtown Plan, Development Code Updates


What's the Plan - Report on 2017 and what's coming in 2018 


What's the Plan - Accessory Dwellings, Cannabis, and Projects


What's the Plan - Bed & Breakfasts, Vacation Rental Homes, and Accessory Dwellings



What's the Plan - Green Tree Golf Course Update - August 2017


What's the Plan - Residential Design Standards


What's the Plan - Roberts' Ranch

Community Development Director Barton Brierley shares information on major development projects happening, including Roberts' Ranch, Brighton Landing, Green Tree, McDonald's, the Sphere of Influence, and Agricultural Buffer.

What's the Plan - Conservation

In this episode, Barton discusses the importance of conservation; what it means to a community, a development project, and more. 


What's the Plan - Permitting

What's the Plan with Barton Brierley - Breweries, distilleries and more!

What's the Plan with Barton Brierley - Green Tree Golf Course Update

What's the Plan with Barton Brierley - Updating the City of Vacaville Sign Ordinance


What's the Plan - East Main District

Building Permits with Chief Building Official Jay Salazar