Planning Forms

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The Community Development Department is responsible for helping the community with the development review process.  Depending on the application type or intensity, project approval may be required by either the Director of Community Development, the Planning Commission, or the City Council. 

Please note that a Master Application form is required for most Planning Application submittals.  Prior to submitting a formal development application, please contact Planning Division staff to confirm the application review process and submittal requirements.

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Administrative Clearance Used for development applications that need minor adjustments to the development standards such as setbacks and rear yard coverage.  
Annexation Required for properties outside of the City Limits that would like to be incorporated to the City of Vacaville.
Appeal-City Council The City Council Appeal application allows for appeals to the Planning Commission's actions.
Appeal-Planning Commission The Planning Commission Appeal application allows for appeals to the Director's actions.
Municipal Service Review Required for proposed changes to the City's Comprehensive Annexation Plan, which outlines the City's annexation strategy during the time frame of the General Plan.
Conditional Use Permit Required for land uses that are Conditionally Permitted within a specific Zoning District.
Determination of Permitted Use  A use that is not specifically included on the permitted uses for the Commercial, Industrial, and Business Park districts may be allowed through this application.
Family Day Care Permit Required prior to establishing a State-licensed family day care homes in certain residential districts.
Design Review  Required for new projects to evaluate aesthetics, building design, site layout and land use compatibility.
General Plan Amendment  Required application for proposed textual or graphic amendments to the Vacaville General Plan.
Home Occupation Permit  Required prior to establishing a home-based business in an existing home.
Initial Study Required checklist for any large development projects where the project might have an effect on the environment.
Modification Required for proposed changes to approved plans, operating criteria, or conditions of approval of an approved project.
Parcel Map/Land Division  Required for proposed subdivisions that would create four or fewer parcels of land.
Planned Development  Used for applying flexible development standards for large projects to encourage innovation and creativity in project designs.
Policy Plan Amendment  Required for proposed changes textual or land uses changes to Policy Plans.
Tentative Map  Required for proposed subdivisions that would create five or more parcels of land.
Temporary Commercial Use Permit  Required for special temporary events and temporary mobile food services.
Tree Removal Permit  Required when removing a tree with a trunk circumference of 31 inches or more when measured at 4' 6" above ground level.
Variance  Used for development applications that need adjustments to residential and non-residential development standards such as setbacks, building height, parking and lot size.
Zone Change - Rezoning  Required for proposed zoning changes to the Zoning Map.
Zone Change - Text  Required for proposed textual changes to the Zoning Ordinance.