Municipal Code

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The Vacaville Municipal Code is a set of ordinances and laws that are enacted and enforced by the City of Vacaville.  The chart below provides links to frequently referred sections.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Current Planning Staff at (707) 449-5140


 Residential Districts Development Standards Standards for residential and non-residential development in residential districts.
Commercial Districts Development Standards Standards for commercial development in commercial districts.
Telecommunication Facilities Standards for new or existing telecommunication facilities such as cell towers and roof-mounted antennas.
Home Occupation Permits Operational standards for home-based businesses.
Tree Removal Information about preserving and removing trees on private property.
Signs Standards that regulate and control the height, area, location, type and quality of materials, methods of construction, and illumination of signs.
Water Efficient Landscaping

Standards that regulate landscaping for new construction, or the modification of existing landscaping in residential, commercial and industrial districts.