Development Standards

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Development standards establish minimum and maximum regulations for new and existing development within Vacaville city limits. The following table and subpages provide links to frequently referred standards for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Current Planning Staff at (707) 449-5140.



General Plan
The principal policy and planning document for guiding development in Vacaville.

Policy Plans and Specific Plans
Supplemental planning documents with phasing plans and development standards for larger planning areas.

California Building Codes
Rules and standards for constructing buildings and non-building structures.

Residential Design Requirements
Recently adopted by City Council, these codified requirements provide standards for all residential development.

Special Standards Overlay Districts
Supplemental standards for certain small areas in Vacaville.

Opportunity Hill Master Plan
The Master Plan sets the vision and strategies for the revitalization of the East Main Street and Bush Street areas.

Accessory Dwelling Units
Information for installing an accessory dwelling unit on aresidential lot.

City Creekways Policy
The City of Vacaville considers the creeks and adjoining setbacks to be a natural resource that is both a conduit of water runoff and a natural habitat. These standards were adopted in 1989 to regulate development near creekways.