Over the Counter Permitting - TI Tuesday

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The City of Vacaville has a process to allow those in need of permits for smaller projects to obtian their permits in a shorter period of time as well as over the counter.

The goal of this program is to provide the opportunity of any Eligible Use applicant to obtain a building permit for a tenant improvement, alteration, or residential alteration over the counter during a single visit to the Community Development Department. 

Eligible Uses are defined as:

  • Interior Alterations of new or existing businesses for office, including Nail and Hair Salons (B Occupancy) and retail (M Occupancy) that only involve installing new materials or only involve removing less than 160 square feet of existing material (flooring (except carpet), wall board systems, plaster, ceilings including suspended ceilings, roofing, exterior walls, or similar) and where the area of alteration is less than 10,000 square feet.
  • Interior alterations of food service related uses that have approval from Solano County Health Department where the interior eating area is less than 750 square feet. 
  • Single Family Residential (R3 Occupancies) alterations, additions and accessory structures that are not part of a home day care center, elderly care facility, or other residential facility regulated by a State Agency.

Alterations to uses (other than Eligible Uses already defined) that involve new storage or the new storage or use of hazardous materials, medical gases, or carbon dioxide gas (Occupancy types S, F, H,) as well as hotels, motels ( R Occupancies), assembly uses ( A Occupancies of any type), educational uses (E Occupancy), Institutional uses (I Occupancy), laboratory uses ( L Occupancy), or high rise buildings are not eligible to participate in this program unless permission to participate in the program is granted by both the Vacaville Fire Department and Building Division Plan Review staff. Nonresidential additions and new nonresidential buildings or accessory structures, or nonresidential exterior alterations to a site or building, are not eligible to participate in this program. Nonresidential alterations where 160 square feet or more of existing material (flooring, wallboard, plaster, ceilings including suspended ceilings, roofing, exterior walls etc.) are not eligible to participate in this program.

An Eligible Use applicant may submit for review and Over the Counter building permit issuance during any Tuesday from 10 a.m. to Noon and 2-3:30 p.m. on a first-come first-served basis.

The permit documents and application shall be reviewed at the time of submittal by the City’s Planning, Building, Utilities Divisions, and Fire Department staff for compliance with applicable ordinances, laws and regulations. If the application is found to be consistent with the Land Use and Development Code, relevant sections of the Municipal Code, State Statute and there are no Title 24 violations shown on the plans, the associated City fees charged by the Community Development Department shall be calculated and the permit shall be issued over the counter.

City Divisions and Departments are responsible for providing plan review staff for that part of the Vacaville Municipal Code, California State Statute or Regulation for which they have administrative authority to enforce. If plan review personnel from other departments are not available during program plan review time, the Community Development Department Building Division plan review staff shall have authority in determining permit issuance


  1. The Eligible Use applicant shall complete a Building Permit Application.
  2. Nonresidential and Residential: The Eligible Use applicant shall provide Two (2) sets of Tenant Improvement or Alteration plans prepared by a licensed Architect, Civil Engineer, B Contractor, or Certified Designer.
  3. Any changes to the interior lighting and or installation of Air Conditioning Equipment ( furnace or cooler) requires that the Eligible Use applicant submit LTGC forms for lighting and MECH C forms for HVAC Unit installation. The Eligible Use applicant should coordinate obtaining these forms from the person who prepared the plans or a licensed contractor performing the work.
  4. Planning Division staff shall review the project for compliance with the City of Vacaville Land Use and Development Code and any other associated entitlement requirement and provide the results of their review to the Building Division Plan Review staff.
  5. Utilities Division staff shall review the project to determine if the municipal code requires a sewer impact fee. A memo indicating a fee or no fee shall be forwarded to the Building Division.
  6. Any construction alterations that include elements of the space that are regulated under the California Fire Code ( Title 24 Part 9) ( e.g. changes to the Fire Alarm or Fire suppression system) shall require the Eligible Use applicant to apply for additional Fire related permits as required by the Fire Department staff.
  7. At the time of application submittal Building Division plan review staff shall perform the following:                            
    • Enter the project into a current electronic processing system.
    • Send a Yolo Solano Survey form to the Yolo Solano Air Quality Management District.
    • Review the application and permit documents for violations of Title 24 and determine if any work would require an encroachment permit from the Development Engineering Division.
    • Send application information to the Utilities Division and obtain a sewer fee memo, if the Utilities Division staff are not available, Building staff shall verify that the use is not required to pay a sewer impact fee under the criteria stipulated in the Municipal Code.
    • Verify that the project has been approved by the Planning Division staff.
    • Verify that the project has been reviewed by the Fire Department staff. Permits required by the Fire Department may be documented on the Building Division Permit drawings as deferred submittals.
    • Complete information in the electronic or paper file that provides adequate information to calculate fees.
    • Determine and provided to the Building Division administrative staff the exact type of inspections required for the permit.
    • Determine if a Certificate of Occupancy is required and ensure adequate information is documented for the Building Division administrative staff to complete a Certificate of Occupancy after all other departments have provided final inspection approval of the project.
    • Ensure that the permit is issued by the administrative staff during a single visit or provide written documentation citing each violation of Title 24 or the municipal code section that documents the reason for not issuing the permit and provides enough written guidance that allows the applicant to obtain a permit during a future visit.
  8. At the request of the Building Division plan review staff the Building Division administrative staff shall verify Workman’s Compensation requirements of the building permit applicant, calculate fees, and document on the permit that a final inspection is required by the Building and Fire inspection staff. Subject meeting workman’s compensation requirements and the payment of Community Development fees, the permit shall be issued, during a same day visit, to the Eligible Use applicant or their representative.

For more information on this program, contact the Community Development Department at (707) 449-5152.