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Urban Reserve Code and General Plan Amendments

Map showing ares of Vacaville for urban reserveThe City of Vacaville Community Development Department has adopted a Land Use & Development Code ordinance regarding Urban Reserves.
The General Plan Update in 2015 included the designation of certain lands as Urban Reserve. Urban Reserve lands are not currently planned for urban land uses, but are reserved so that at some point in the future they may be assigned urban land use designations, be annexed, and be developed. The lands are not currently within the City limits.

The General Plan indicates that consideration of assigning urban land use designations to Urban Reserve lands occur no more often than once every five years. The adopted amendments outline the process to be used in that future review.

The ordinance establishes the process and criteria for considering assigning urban land use designations to some urban reserve lands during this five year review.   Per the ordinance, the City will conduct a study as part of the 5-year review to determine the amount of urban reserve land that could be converted.  Next, the ordinance would have the City evaluate which urban reserve lands would best meet the identified need.  Finally, the ordinance allows the standard General Plan amendment process to begin for those needed urban reserve lands that would best meet the identified need.  The proposed ordinance also would establish City policies for interim use of urban reserve lands prior to being assigned urban land use designations.

The ordinance does NOT change the designation of any urban reserve lands.  It only establishes the process that the City can use every five years to consider making changes.

Adopted Urban Reserve Text Amendment 

General Plan Amendment

The adopted resolution changes Vacaville General Plan policies to allow consideration of a future General Plan amendment for the Farm at Alamo Creek future specific plan property that is partially designated Urban Reserve.  The Farm at Alamo Creek property is located east of Leisure Town Road, north of Elmira Road, and south of Hawkins Road.  It is located within the Vacaville Urban Growth Boundary.  The resolution does not change the actual land use designations for the site, nor does it approve or authorize any development or other land use change on the property.

 Adopted General Plan Text Amendment re Farm at Alamo Creek Urban Reserve


The City Council approved the proposed General Plan amendment at their December 12, 2017 meeting, and the text amendment at their January 9, 2018 meeting.  The adopted actions can be found above

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