Transportation Plan Amendments

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Bus at outlets The City of Vacaville approved several amendments to the Transportation Element of the General Plan and transportation related ordinances.  The amendments are intended to more efficiently and appropriately manage the overall City of Vacaville’s transportation needs.   The amendments do the following:

  1. Improve intersection level of service (LOS) policies by removing thresholds for minor unsignalized intersection approaches.  Help ensure that overall intersection LOS will operate at optimum levels.
  2. Update plans for bike routes to accurately reflect current bike routes, and to adjust plans for future bike routes to appropriately reflect future biking needs. TR-2
  3. Update the Truck Routes ordinance and maps to accurately reflect current and planned truck routes.
  4. Update the Transportation System Management chapter of the Vacaville Municipal Code to become the Transportation Demand Management chapter, and to reflect state law.
  5. Update the Traffic Mitigation ordinance to update the timing of when transportation improvements will be needed.
  6. Make several technical amendments.

For more information, contact Gwen Owens, Senior Traffic Engineer, (707) 449-5174 (  or Tyra Hays, Senior Planner, (707) 449-5366 (