Public Involvement Strategy

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Public Involvement The City is currently considering adoption of a Public Involvement Strategy for Land Use Planning.  The City Council reviewed a draft Public Involvement Strategy at its December 10, 2020 meeting.  The Council will consider adopting the strategy at its January 28, 2020 meeting.  If you have comments or suggestions on this strategy, please contact Barton Brierley, Community Development Director, at  or 707-449-5361.


Vacaville’s General Plan establishes a vision for the future of the city.  Citizen participation and assistance is critical to achieving this vision.  Because of this, the City of Vacaville is committed to engaging in meaningful public participation. Input received early in land use planning and development review processes better enables the City and project applicants to incorporate suggestions and ideas from the community, ultimately resulting in improved outcomes. Early outreach helps to educate and encourage communication, providing more certainty to developers and our community.

While legal standards establish minimum requirements for public outreach, effective public involvement requires more than the minimums.  The intent of this policy is to establish specific expectations that project applicants will provide greater opportunities for meaningful public input during the review process.   While this is not a guarantee that everyone who may want to participate does, it does establish a reasonable expectation that, by following these guidelines, there are adequate opportunities for public involvement prior to decisions being made.

In addition to considering diverse community input, the official decision-maker must consider complex legal standards, adopted land use plans, private property rights, and economic realities.  A good decision-maker will listen and carefully consider all input received before making a decision.   Community input is always valued and frequently shapes design and decision making, even though it is inevitable that decisions made won’t please every participant. 

Public involvement strategy elements

This public involvement strategy includes five elements that are critical to effective public involvement:

  1. Notice
  2. Information Sharing
  3. Exchange of ideas
  4. Public input
  5. Feedback, Adjustment, and Evaluation