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Land Use And Development Code Audit and Update

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This project has it's own website! Please visit for up to date information!

The City has embarked on the first phase of a two phase effort to comprehensively update the City of Vacaville’s Land Use and Development Code (Title 14 of the Municipal Code). The goal is a state-of-the-art, flexible, effective, and user-friendly tool to implement the 2015 City of Vacaville General Plan.




What is the Land Use and Development Code?

The Code regulates how land can and cannot be used and developed, with the aim of enacting the vision of the General Plan. It covers land subdivision, zoning, size and height of buildings, and provisions to ensure new buildings fit into their environment.








Why update the Land Use and Development Code?

The City completed a comprehensive update to its General Plan in 2015, which created an opportunity for an update to the Code. The updated Code will be concise and user-friendly, and it will reflect modern uses and contemporary best practices.







What is the process and where do I fit in?

On January 15th the code update team were available at a very well attended open house. Over 40 community members attended to look at maps and share their thoughts. This was the first of 3 open houses, keep an eye out here for the next one!

After the open house the consultant team gave a very informative presentation to planning commission about what the code update it and isn't, you can watch the recording here (scroll down and click the agenda item to skip the other items).

Pictures from the open house:



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