Code Housekeeping Amendment

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Land Use and Development Code amendments to correct errors and inconsistencies caused by previous ordinances

correctingThe proposal would amend Vacaville Land Use and Development Code to correct certain errors and inconsistencies caused by previous amendments.   The proposed amendments are not intended to make substantive changes to land use policies.  Specifically, the amendments would:

  1.  Correct a cross reference in Section to a previously removed definition of low and very low income households.  The updated cross reference refers to the state law definition
  2. Correct an error in the General Plan and Zoning Consistency table, Section, so that Open Space zoning is consistent with the Public Open Space and Public Park General Plan land use designations.  The previous table incorrectly listed the Community Facilities zone as consistent with Public Open Space land use designation.
  3. Correct several references to residential design requirements that were deleted or amended by Ordinance 1936, including references in Sections,,,, and
  4. Remove an incorrect reference to Residential Medium Density zone in the Residential Low-Medium zoning regulations (Section

The Vacaville Planning Commission will consider the amendments at their July 16, 2019 meeting. The meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. in the Vacaville City Council Chambers (650 Merchant Street, Vacaville).

For more information, contact Barton Brierley, Community Development Director, at or 707-449-5361.