Accessory Dwelling Units

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New California Legislation on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) goes into effect January 1st 2020!  On January 14, 2020 the City Council updated impact fees related ADUs.  See ADU Impact Fee Staff Report. On January 28, 2020, the Vacaville City Council will consider updating its ordinance in response. 

The State has modified the standards that cities can apply to ADUs.  They also have changed the fees cities can charge for the construction of new Accessory Dwelling Units.  Some key changes are outlined below, for detail and a more exhaustive list please refer to the ADU Ordinance Staff Report.  If they meet certain regulations ADU's will be permitted by-right, which means permits will be issued without a design review.

  • Each single family residential lot is permitted to have one ADU and one Junior ADU.
  • For new ADUs, property owners do not need to live on site, all units can be rentals.
  • A Junior ADU is small unit that is within the primary residence and that is not required to have a private bathroom, a bathroom can be provided in the unit it is attached to. It does need to have a kitchenette and it's own entrance and it may not be over 500 square feet.
  • If the ADU is under 750 feet there will be no Development Impact Fees charged.  Units over 750 square feet can be charged fees.  The details pertaining to this can be found in the attached Staff Report.
  • ADU's and Junior ADU's are permitted on multi-family lots.
  • Maximum size requirements for ADUs have changed.
  • ADU's under 800 square feet and smaller do not have to meet site coverage requirements.

For more detail on the State Laws pertaining to ADU's please refer to SB 13, and AB 881

Follow this link to find information on the City's new development impact fees for ADUs