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Southtown is a development area on Vanden Road south of Alamo Drive.  It consists of several separate subdivisions and development projects.  Below is information on the portions developing or yet to be developed.


Ashton Place (Ashton Park)

Ashton Place Unit 1 (east of Opal Way) consists of 7 lots for single family detached homes and one common parcel. The homes are on footprint style lots with each homeowner owning just the land under the footprint of the house and the side yards. 

Res. 2016-106 Ashton Place 1 & 2 Tentative Map for 22 parcels

Ashton Place Unit 3 (north of Cogburn Circle) consists of 15 two-story single-family homes, ranging in size from 1,697 sq. ft. to 2,217 sq. ft. with 3 and 4 bedrooms.  The lot configuration will be individually owned lots consisting of the footprint of the house and the small fenced side yards.  The remainder of the property would be commonly owned and maintained by a Homeowners Association, including all landscaping, private drive aisles, and all driveways/parking stalls.  The fronts of most of the homes face the public streets.   All homes include rear-loading, 2-car garages that would be accessed from the private aisles. 

Reso 2016-108 Ashton3 MND

Reso 2016-109 Ashton 3 GPA

Reso 2016-110 Ashton 3 TM

Reso 2016-111 Ashton 3 CUP and DR

  • City Staff Contact - Christina Love (707) 449-5374 or

Potters Place North

Potters Place North is a 20-unit attached single-family home subdivision on 12 lots.  The Potters Place North subdivision is on an approximately one-acre site located on Potters Court at the southwest corner of Cogburn Circle and Vanden Road. The project site is zoned Residential High Density. The 12 residential lots would range in area from 2,240 sq. ft. to 3,906 sq. ft.  Each lot would contain one-half of a duet unit attached to the other half on the adjacent lot.  The duets include two-car rear loaded garages. Eight of the lots also would include an accessory dwelling unit above the garage. The proposed duet floor areas range from 1,781 sq. ft. to 2,587 sq. ft., and the accessory dwelling units are approximately 610 sq. ft.  

Potters Place North Approval (File No. 17-298)

Potters Place North Approved Plans

  • City Staff Contact – Saul Uribe (707) 449-5362 or

Park Parish

Park Parish is a proposed 21 lot single family small-lot subdivision on an approximate 2 acre site northeast of Fire Station 75.  The request includes a proposed rezoning from Neighborhood Commercial to Medium Density Residential.   The Park Parish page has additional information.  

  • City Staff Contact – Fred Buderi (707) 449-5307 or 

Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park is a neighborhood park.  The portion west of Vanden Road has been constructed.  A future phase east of Vanden Road will be constructed in conjunction with future development in Southtown.  Vanden Road will be closed through the park.  See the Magnolia Park Preliminary Master Plan 2009.

  • City Staff Contact – Fred Buderi (707) 449-5307 or 

Private Community Use Site

The private community use site is approximately 2 acres located east of Fire Station #75.  The approved development plan states this site will be set aside for a community use such as a membership organization, private school, day care center, or similar use or combination of uses.  This is privately owned.

  • City Staff Contact – Fred Buderi (707) 449-5307 or 

Southtown Phase 3

Southtown Phase 3 is an approved subdivision and planned development of 242 single-family detached homes.  It includes lots zoned RL-5 (Residential Low Density - 5,000 square foot minimum lot size) and RLM-3.6 (Residential Low-Medium Density - 3,600 square foot minimum lot size).

  • City Staff Contact – Fred Buderi (707) 449-5307 or 

Apartment Site

The apartment site is an approximately 10 acre property that is planned and zoned for multi-family residential development.

  • City Staff Contact – Angelica Garcia or (707) 449-6427 or 


Barrington Estates Development Plan

Redstone Development Plan

Redstone House Plans

Vanden Development - Full Buildout

Southtown Commons/Vanden Ranch Development Plan

Southtown Commons/Vanden Ranch House Plans

Southtown Roadway Map

Vanden Meadows/Southtown Area Map

Southtown Project Approval 
Southtown Final Environmental Impact Report 
 Southtown Development Agreement

 Southtown Development Agreement Amendment #1

 Southtown Development Agreement Amendment #2
Magnolia Park Master Plan 2009 


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