Rice-McMurtry Development Updates

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June 2014

Planning Projects

Rice-McMurtry aerial mapThere are several planned or approved development projects in the northern part of the City, in an area called the Rice-McMurtry Development Area. To view the entire project in pdf form, click on the image to the right. To view specific documents related to projects in the Rice-McMurtry area, scroll down.

To view the video from the June 17, 2014 Planning Commission meeting regarding the Rice-McMurtry Development Agreement Amendment, click here.

Cheyenne (also called Reynolds Ranch): The 221-lot Cheyenne Subdivision is located along both sides of Whispering Ridge Drive. Prior to the economic recession, DR Horton had built approx 60 homes within the subdivision, and 3 custom homes were constructed by individual property owners. In December 2013, DR Horton proposed new house plans for the remaining lots within the subdivision, not including the remaining 12 one-acre custom home lots. The Planning Commission has recommended approval of the new house plans, but the City Council will be taking final action on this proposal in July or August.

Rogers Ranch: The Rogers Ranch development consists of 29 residential lots on a 12.97-acre parcel located on the north side of McMurtry Lane to the west of the Cheyenne residential development. The proposed residential lots range between 12,000 square feet and 17,510 square feet. This development is dependent on the construction of an upper zone water reservoir. There are currently no proposed or approved house plans for this project.

Knoll Creek: The Knoll Creek development is located on the south side of McMurtry Lane, west of Browns Valley Road, and east of the City of Vacaville Caliguiri Open Space Preserve. Originally approved in 2007, the approved tentative map consisted of 38 residential lots on 22.66 acres. In 2013, the 22.66 acre parcel was split into two: Parcel 1, which is comprised of the northeast portion of the parcel, was retained by the property owner for the development of 21 single-family lots. Parcel 2, which encompasses the southwest portion of the parcel, was dedicated to the City as permanent open space. The property owner elected not to develop the 17 lots located on Parcel 2 due to the significant cost to develop this area, which included costs for an upper zone water system, significant grading improvements, and large walls and drainage structures. The minimum lot size for the remaining 21 lots is 10,000 square feet, and all the pad elevations are below 222. There are currently no proposed or approved house plans for this project.

Development Agreement for Cheyenne, Rogers Ranch, and Knoll Creek: The three projects listed above are also subject to a single Development Agreement ( a contract between the City and the three developers) which establishes certain requirements for each party. The City is currently negotiating with the developers to amend the existing Development Agreement to provide detailed timelines for the completion of streets, utility, and landscaping features planned as part of the project. To view the draft agreement,click here.

Rancho Rogelio (now called “The Reserve at Browns Valley”): This project contains 38 single family lots, including 1 custom home lot adjacent to Browns Valley Road. Standard Pacific Homes purchased this project and has received approval from the City Council for their house plans to be constructed on all lots except the custom home parcel. Standard Pacific is underway at this time on grading and construction of the subdivision improvements. This project has its own Development Agreement, thus allowing it to proceed with construction at this time.

Cheyenne (also known as Reynolds Ranch) 
    Environmental Impact Report Addendum - January 2014 
    Planning Commission Staff Report - House Plans 
    Planning Commission PowerPoint Presentation - House Plan Modification/Model Home Complex 
    Model Home Complex 
    Location Map 
    General Plan Update Policy 
    Development Plan 
    Development Plan Comparison

Knoll Creek 
    Land Dedication Staff Report 
    Land Dedication Resolution 
    Time Extension 
    California Environmental Quality Act

Rogers Ranch 
    California Environmental Quality Act 

The Reserve at Browns Valley (Also known as Rancho Rogelio) 
    Model Home Complex 
    Planning Commission Staff Report - Proposed House Plans and Model Complex 
    Proposed House Plans 
    House Plans Approval Letter
    California Environmental Quality Act 
    The Reserve PowerPoint Presentation 
    Master Plotting Plan 
    Phase 1 Sales Trailer Exhibit




Rice-McMurtry Development Agreement
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Cheyenne House Plans Modification
Standard Pacific Homes, Builder
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