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Lower Lagoon Valley Policy Plan Implementation Project – Questions and Answers

The Lower Lagoon Valley Policy Plan Implementation Project is an approved development of privately-owned property on and adjacent to the former Hines Nursery site in Vacaville.  The nursery site is located south of Lagoon Valley Park.  The project is NOT a development of the Lagoon Valley Park or any portion of the lake.  All of the approved development is on privately-owned land south of the park.

Map of the entire Lagoon Valley, including Lower Lagoon Valley and Lagoon Valley ParkThe Lower Lagoon Valley Policy Plan Implementation Project site is approximately 868 acres and includes: 

  1. Approximately 323 acres of residential development to include 1,025 homes with a variety of housing types, organized in three villages with an integrated golf course and club house with recreational amenities;  
  2. Approximately 458 acres of open space and recreational uses including a golf course, neighborhood and linear parks, and riparian and hillside open space; 
  3. A Business Village and Town Center on approximately 60 acres and 
  4. Approximately 23 acres of public uses and roadways including an approximately 1.5 acres fire station site. 

Preliminary grading and construction of some utility work for the project is scheduled to begin in May 2021.

Q. Who owns the property proposed to be developed?

A. Lagoon Valley Residential, LLC, a private company, owns the property and is proposing the development.

Q. Is all of the property proposed for development outside of Lagoon Valley Park?  
A. Yes.  All the property proposed for development is privately owned property.  It is not within Lagoon Valley Park.

Q. Will Lagoon Valley Park and the hiking trails continue to be open to the public?  
A. Yes, Lagoon Valley Park and the hiking trails will continue to be open to the public. 

Q.  Is any of the development taking place in Lagoon Valley Park?  A. No. All of the development will take place south of Lagoon Valley Park. There will be some impacts to the park when infrastructure for the development is installed, including new bathrooms to serve the park and a water tank in the vicinity of the existing tank.  The remainder of the infrastructure will be undergrounded .  The goal is to have as little impact as possible on park operations during that time. Once installed, the park will otherwise be returned to its original state. 

Q. Will the development do anything to improve or enhance Lagoon Valley Park?
A. Yes.  The developer is obligated to provide between $4 million and $5 million for improvements to Lagoon Valley Park. The developer also is obligated to pay an annual assessment for maintenance and operation of the park.   The developer will installing some utilities through the park, and will be providing restrooms in the park.

Q. Is the developer dedicating any additional land for open space or parks?
A. Yes.  The developer is dedicating a 71 acre property that will be additional open space west of Lagoon Valley Lake.  The developer also is dedicating approximately 80 acres of hillside area for open space and additional trails, and will be dedicating a park site within the development.  This open space is in addition to approximately 790 acres of hillside open space in Lagoon Valley Park donated by the developer of the original development in 1990. 

Q. Is the project approved?

A. Yes.  The project was approved in 2005 and a Development Agreement was approved in March 2016.

Q.  When was the business village approved?

A.  The business village was approved in 2005.   The property owners recently began marketing the property.

Q. Is the property in the City?
A. Yes, all the property proposed for development is within the Vacaville City limits.

Q. Was an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) prepared for the project?

A. Yes, an EIR was prepared and certified for the project.  In addition, the City has prepared multiple addenda and found that no new information or substantial changes in circumstances have occurred since the EIR was certified that would necessitate a new EIR. All files related to the EIR (draft, appendices and final EIR) are listed below.

Q. Did the EIR consider traffic, schools, and wildlife?
A. Yes.  A mitigation and monitoring program was adopted to address impacts.

Q. Did the plan consider scenic views?
A. Yes.  In order to preserve views of the Plan Area, especially of Lagoon Valley Park, the project includes:
  1. No alterations within the Lagoon Valley Park, except in conformance with an adopted Park Master Plan update; 
  2. No development on hillside open space areas; 
  3. A landscaped corridor and a landscape berm along Interstate 80 to screen proposed uses from view; 
  4. A major view corridor looking towards the lake; 
  5. Restrictions on building heights, locations, and finishing materials; and 
  6. Required screening of mechanical equipment and locating of utilities underground.

Q. Where will water for the golf course come from?
A. Water for the golf course will be provided by the Solano Irrigation District.

Q Did the City reach an agreement with the Greenbelt Alliance on the Lower Lagoon Valley Project?
A. Yes.  The City of Vacaville and the Greenbelt Alliance reached a settlement agreement on the project.  That agreement specified, among other items, that that City adopt an urban growth boundary around the City, that the project be reduced to the currently proposed size, and that applicant provide funding for permanent preservation of agricultural land or open space outside the project boundary.

Q. Will the archery range remain open or will it be deemed dangerous due to the proximity of proposed housing?
A. It is expected to remain open.

Q. Will the RC airfield remain open or will it be deemed dangerous or an invasion of privacy due to the proximity of proposed housing?
A. It is expected to remain open.

Q. Will horseback riding and livestock grazing be allowed due to the proximity of proposed housing?
A.  No changes are expected.

Q. Will the 80 acres that the developer has committed to set aside for open space be available to all Vacaville residents or is this housing community gated?
A.  The trails in the hillside open space would be open to the public. 

Q. Will the proposed golf course be public or private?  
A. Private

Q. What is the proposed opening date for the golf course?  
A. There  is not a date set.  

Q. When is the proposed ground breaking for the project?  
A. Preliminary grading and construction of some utility improvements is scheduled to begin in May 2020.

Q. Will parts of the existing park be closed during the development?  
A. There will be sewer and water lines constructed through the park.  During a few months of construction the area around the trenches will off limits to the public.


The following documents are available for review:

Lower Lagoon Valley Phasing and Development Agreement Addendum, approved in 2016.

Lagoon Village Business Park Modification Project Approval (File No. 18-218)

Lower Lagoon Valley Substantial Compliance Letter 11-27-19

Lower Lagoon Valley Progress Letter 5-1-20

Listed below are the Environmental Impact Reports for the Lower Lagoon Valley Project. Because of the size of each document, they have been broken into smaller files. 

Lower Lagoon Valley Environmental Impact Report


Lower Lagoon Valley Draft Environmental Impact Report


    Lower Lagoon Valley Draft EIR Appendices


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    Map showing area of Lower Lagoon Valley to be developed