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Green Tree Property

The owner of the former Green Tree Golf Course and adjacent property are proposing re-use of the property.  They would like to propose a mixed use development that includes commercial, residential, and recreational uses.  Since the City’s General Plan designates the property as “Private Recreation,” a plan for nearly any redevelopment of the property would require a change to the City’s adopted plan.  Green Tree Properties has asked the City Council to initiate a change to the General Plan to accommodate a redevelopment.   The City Council  initiated the General Plan amendment on August 8, 2017, allowing the applicant to submit an application to amend the General Plan.  

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Green Tree project.


Q.  Who owns the Green Tree Golf Course property?

A.  The properties are privately owned by the Syar Family.  Ownership is held under the names Green Tree Properties, Green Tree South, and Syar Family LLC.        

Q.  Why did the Green Tree Golf Course close, and will it reopen?

A.  After a number of years of struggling financially, the Green Tree Golf Course permanently closed in February 2016.  There are no plans to reopen the golf course.  For more information, visit the Green Tree Golf Course website.

Q.  What is going to be built on the golf course property?

A.   The applicants have not submitted any development plans for the golf course property.  At this point, they only have requested that the City Council start the process to amend the City’s General Plan.

To begin creating a concept plan for the property, the property owners, the Syar family, held a public charrette in May 2016.  The Syar family hired DPZ to run the charrette.  DPZ is an urban planning consultant that designs “new urbanist” communities:  communities that focus on neighborhood scale development with safe, pedestrian-friendly streets and public spaces that encourage people to walk in and interact with their built and natural surroundings.  With significant public participation, the development team created a draft vision for development of the property.  The draft vision included a mixed-use area to the north, various types and densities of residential development to the south, and a neighborhood commercial center along Sequoia Drive.  The plan included a number of new-urbanist features such as walking trails, homes that front open spaces rather than streets, and small parks as gathering spaces.  The owners presented this general concept to the City Council at their April 11, 2017 meeting.  The link at the bottom of this page shows their presentation.

The applicants can begin the process of submitting a proposed General Plan amendment and specific development proposal. These would need to be reviewed by the City following a very public process including several public hearings.

Q.  How long will the process take?

A.   There is no defined time line for the planning or construction process.  The planning phase will likely be a multi-year effort.

Q.   Will the public have any input on the plan?

A.    Definitely!  Creating the plan and development proposal will be subject to several public meetings, public hearings, and other participation opportunities.   The property owners already have included the public in developing a concept plan for the property through a public charrette. 

Q.  Has there been an environmental analysis done for the project?

A.  No, not yet.  If the Council initiates the General Plan amendment and the applicant submits a development proposal, then the City will need to prepare an environmental analysis for the project.  This will need to analyze the potential impacts of the project on transportation, public utilities and services, drainage and flooding, aesthetics, biological and cultural resources, air quality, noise, and more.

Q.  My house is adjacent to the former golf course.  Will my needs be taken into account?

A.  Yes.  The applicant has met with neighbors on a number of occasions and is considering ways to respect those existing homes.  The City also is very interested in finding ways to respect the existing residents.  If the Council votes to allow planning to move forward, the City and applicant have committed to an extensive public involvement process to take these needs into account.

 Additional Information

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