General Plan Update Cost Recovery Fee and General Plan Implementation Fee

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On September 13, 2016, the City Council adopted the General Plan Update Cost Recovery Fee (Recovery Fee) and the General Plan Implementation Fee (Implementation Fee). The Recovery Fee will recoup $2.4 million, or 80 percent, of the total cost of the General Plan Update from landowners and/or developers who benefited greatly from the infrastructure planning and environmental analysis conducted as part of the Update.  

The Recovery Fee is applicable to new development in the East of Leisure Town Road and Northeast Growth Areas (New Growth Areas), Brighton Landing, Vanden Meadows and Infill Focus Areas, as shown here.

Infill Focus Areas will be assessed the Recovery Fee based on the incremental development permitted by the change in General Plan land use designation.  Changes in land use for these areas has been identified in this document. The Recovery Fee will be collected at time of Final Map for residential projects and at building permit issuance, or within two years of annexation, for non-residential projects. 

To maintain viable, long term development under the new General Plan, the City must complete a number of ongoing planning efforts to implement the General Plan.  The estimated cost of General Plan implementation activities related to development through 2035 is approximately $4.4 million.  The Implementation Fee will fund 70 percent of cost of these development related implementation tasks.  The Implementation Fee will be charged as a 9.9 percent surcharge on the building fee charged on all building permits.  

Please note that building fee is one line item on each building permit.  It does not represent the total cost of a building permit. Click here for an example of a building permits with the building fee line item. 

The Recovery Fee and the Implementation Fee went effect on Monday, November 14, 2016.  For more information regarding these fees, contact Tyra Hays, AICP, Senior Planner at or (707) 449-5366

Complete Staff Report (Large document)

Resolution 2016-078

Staff report with resolution 

Exhibit A – Summary of Adopted Fees

Exhibit B – Map of Growth Areas

Exhibit C – Infill Focus Area Information

Exhibit D – Fee Study

Attachment 1 – General Plan Implementation Cost Summary

Attachment 2 – General Plan Implementation Plan (Large File)