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Senior Send-Off

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Recognizing the Class of 2020

AVacaville Strong - Crush the Curve!s part of our ”Vacaville Strong” campaign, the City of Vacaville is kicking of its new senior student recognition program, “Senior Send-Off.”

Pages have been established for Vacaville, Wil C. Wood, Buckingham Charter, Vanden and Vacaville Christian high schools. Students at other schools or those graduating from college will go on a separate page.

Only electronically submitted photos can be used. By submitting a photo you agree to allow the City of Vacaville to use the photo on its website as well as Channel 26, the City's government access channel. Some slides may be posted on the City's social media channels - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - as well. 

Please email your photos to We will try and get them posted as soon as possible!