2019 Slurry Seal Program

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Of the $2 million dollars in Street Maintenance Program funding, $306,000 has been dedicated to the 2019 Slurry Seal Program.  Slurry sealing is an inexpensive preventative maintenance treatment that seals our residential and collector streets with a water proofing barrier attempting to keep them in good repair by delaying the effects of environmental degradation and deferring more costly repair work. Vacaville combines crack sealing with slurry seals to attempt to minimize the proliferation of cracks.

With the infusion of Measure M funds the City completed slurry seal of Street Maintenance Area 1 (see map) and plans to complete slurry seals on areas 6, 11 and 12 next year. The City’s goal is to slurry seal all residential and minor collector streets every 5-7 years.

 Slurry Seal map shows the areas that have been sealed this cycle