2019 Asphalt Concrete Overlay

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Of the $2 million dollars in Street Maintenance Program funding, $500,000 has been dedicated to the 2019 Asphalt Concrete (AC) Overlay Program.  Additionally, $187,593 was reallocated from the East Monte Vista and Gibson Canyon Pavement Repair, which brings the total project budget to $687,593. Asphalt Concrete Overlays add a new asphalt wearing course to an existing roadway, essentially creating a new road surface, which is free from cracks, pot holes, and signs of extensive environmental and traffic related deterioration.

Measure M funding will effectively double the amount of arterial roads we are able to overlay with the 2019 AC program. Additionally, portions of California Drive were recycled by grinding up and reusing the existing road materials to repave the roadway from Marshall Road to Alamo Lane. The map shows the areas receiving asphalt concrete overlay this year:

2019 AC Overlay map shows work on Dobbins and Mason Streets, Hicory Lane, and Lawrence, Arcadia, Tulare and California Drive

One-time cost savings realized from another Measure M project: East Monte Vista and Gibson Canyon Pavement Repair (820322) were included in this year’s asphalt concrete overlay. This additional funding increased the overall project scope moving the City further along to reaching our goals for pavement condition improvement.