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Dear Residents,  

In November 2016, voters approved a 20-year extension on Measure M, increasing the effective sales tax rate from ¼ cent to ¾ cent. The new tax rate of 8.125% went in to effect on April 1, 2018, and we began to receive revenues in the last quarter of fiscal year 2017–2018. Each year the Measure M budget is approved by the City Council as part of their budgeting process. We have just completed the first full year under the new Measure M rate.  

Using the limited Measure M funding we will tackle the important projects that arise every few decades, focus on recession recovery, and make investments that will continue to pay dividends in the coming years. These funds are instrumental in how the City executes its strategic goals and enhances the quality of life for our residents. Funds are directed towards programs and projects aligned with City’s Strategic Plan. The four goals are:

Public Safety;

Strengthen Local Economy;

Maintain Effective and Efficient City Services; and

Promote Community Viability.

Vacaville voters passed this general tax to enhance the City’s on-going general and one-time capital project expenses. We have begun to rehire public safety staff by adding to our police force in FY 2017-18, with additional fire fighters coming in FY 2019-20. We are using these resources to repair local streets and roads, beautify and improve local parks and replace essential aging vehicles and equipment. Finally, we are executing an update to City processes while launching specific projects to improve overall City development and special initiatives to help us with Vacaville’s growing recreation and tourism attractions. 

I am also excited to report that the initial steps in the evaluation and design of three large, long-range projects are now underway. We are considering renovating the popular Three Oaks Community Center. We are in the process of assessing the development of a grass-field sports complex. Such a field would accommodate an array of sporting events that will serve not only local residents, but boost tourism and the economy. We are looking at relocating Fire Station #72 to elevate public safety response throughout Vacaville. These projects will require more funding in future budgets and the work done in this phase will enable us to accurately determine feasibility and full execution costs.  

Measure M is making a significant difference citywide. For example, the City Council allocated funding to rehabilitate large sections of East Monte Vista and Gibson Canyon Road, Keating Park’s parking lots and rehabilitating downtown alleys. This summer we opened the Centennial Dog Park and made improvements to tennis and basketball courts and other park facilities. The update of Vacaville’s Development Code will guide how we want to grow and evolve over time. Some of these projects are complete, while others are underway.  

Finally, I would like to thank all our Vacaville voters for your continued commitment to your City. Vacaville truly is a great place to live, work and recreate, and it is largely due to our great community members. The City takes great pride in serving Vacaville and we believe in good stewardship and transparency of City finances. I invite you to explore Measure M projects through this website as it has been updated through our first full complete fiscal year. Please check back for all items related to Measure M past, present and future. 


City Staff

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