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Crush the curve!

VACAVILLE STRONG FLYERVacaville Strong - Crush the Curve!

The City of Vacaville is kicking off a new campaign of positive messaging during the COVID-19 pandemic that is impacting the world.

“ ‘Vacaville Strong’ is designed to help bring the community together, give our kids a fun activity, and hopefully allay some of the fears that are being expressed,” Vacaville Mayor Ron Rowlett said. “Our residents have been doing a great job at social distancing, staying safe and keeping the number of cases in our city low. Now’s the time to really step up our efforts to make sure things stay that way.”

The first project in the “Vacaville Strong” campaign will focus on a window poster that kids, parents, anyone can color and put in the window of their homes to show support for their neighborhood, the community and the efforts of first responders, hospital staff and others who are putting themselves in danger in order to protect and help others.

The City is also asking residents to share their designs by posting their creations on their social media accounts with the hashtag #vacavillestrong and #crushthecurve.

“We know these are tough times in our community,” Fire Chief Kris Concepcion said. “We want to see this end and get back to normal as quickly as possible. At the same time, now is not the time to let our guard down and think everything is OK because our numbers are low. In fact, the opposite is true. The better we do with social distancing and good hygiene practices, the sooner we will be able to get back to normal."

The “Vacaville Strong” flyer can be found on the City website at Download the flyer, do your best coloring/decorating job (and let’s be as creative as possible!) and then show off your support for the community by sharing your effort on social media.