Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Advisory Committee

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Purpose of the Committee

The Committee will review all current information related to Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) of the City and analyze the existing and any alternative means to manage such OPEB costs and liabilities.

Committee Duration

The Advisory Group will meet for a period of 120 days, at which time a report will be submitted to the Mayor for Council review and the Committee will be retired.

Review Parameters

Any recommendations forwarded to the City Council must:

  1. Be approved by the majority of the advisory group;

  2. Be legal;

  3. Provide a measurable fiscal impact;

  4. Consider the City’s current and future hiring and retention needs;

  5. Consider the impacts on City service levels; and

  6. Since retiree healthcare is a negotiated benefit, all recommendations should consider the likelihood of being negotiated with the City’s nine employee groups

Advisory Group Composition

The advisory group will be chaired by the City Treasurer, with the Mayor appointing (4) additional residents of the City who have experience in the fields of employment benefits or accounting and finance.

City Staff

The advisory group will be staffed by the City Manager, Director of Administrative Services, and other Administrative Services Staff that work directly with the retirement healthcare program, as necessary. Staff time will be limited to approximately 20 hours per month to minimize disruption to current City projects.

Fiscal Impact

The group is advisory only and has no fiscal budget or authorization to spend funds. Staff time will be allocated from existing staffing, so the timing of other City projects and services will be impacted.

OPEB Documents