Advisory Committees

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The Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC)

The Economic Development Advisory Committee (the “EDAC”) originally consisted of 10 members of the Vacaville business community, a cross-section of community stakeholders.

The committee was created to establish economic development proposals to assist the City in providing a business-friendly climate, provide more jobs for our residents, and to assist in bringing new revenue to the City.  The committee continues to meets every other month on the last Thursday of the month.  Meeting months include January, March, May, July, September and November. The EDAC is comprised of ten members with small business owners, local commercial developers, tourism officials, chamber of commerce’s and various at large citizens comprising of the committee.

 Other Post-Employment Benefits  (OPEB) Advisory Committee

 The purpose of the OPEB Advisory Committee is to review all current information related to Other Post-Employment Benefits of the City and analyze the existing and an alternative means to manage such OPEB costs and liabilities.

The Advisory Committee will meet for a period of 120 days, at which time a report will be submitted to the Mayor for Council review and the Committee will be retired.