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Rates and Account Information

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How much do I pay for water/sewer service?

Water Service
Your rate for water service is made up of two components: a basic service charge and a consumption charge. The basic service charge is a “fixed cost” and helps cover the fixed costs of our water system which include customer service, facilities maintenance, system readiness, distribution system upkeep, and water quality. Your basic service charge is determined by the size of your water connection. The consumption charge is your residential water use and is billed per unit of water.

Sewer Service
Your rate for sewer service is made up of two components: a basic sewer and a variable sewer charge. The basic charge helps to cover ongoing costs for sewer collection, treatment, and discharge.

The sewer variable charge reflects your household’s actual sewer use. Your average “base period” is established for your residence by using your winter water consumption figures. Your established sewer rate, a combination of fixed and variable charges, remains in effect for one year. Each summer, base periods are recalculated.

Excise Tax
In November of 2013 the voters of Vacaville passed an extension of Measure I, which meant approval of Ordinance #1843 adopted on July 11, 2012 by the City Council. This ordinance extends the excise tax known as the “Community Streets and Facilities Tax.” It shall be paid by all persons residing, doing business, or staying in a motel in the City of Vacaville. Proceeds are to be used to fund municipal improvements consisting of a new library, community center, municipal parks, recreational facilities, a community theater, and traffic and street improvements.

Click here for Explanation of Excise Tax for Tenants (English) 
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