Water, Sewer, Storm Drains

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Maintaining the City's water distribution, sewer collection, and storm drainage systems is the job of the Field Utilities Maintenance section of Public Works. Employees of this section are available 24 hours per day to provide timely service and response to emergency situations. Their work includes the repair and maintenance of over 229 miles of water mains and 200 miles of sanitary sewer mains. Preventive maintenance operations include the flushing of mains and hydrants, and routine video inspections of the sewer mains. This section also handles utility identification and location through Underground Service Alert (USA).

  • What if I need to do a repair on my water line?

    If the section of line that you need to repair is located between your house and the water meter, contact the Finance Customer Service Division at (707) 449-5128 to have your water turned off and on at the meter. If the leak is beyond the shut-off valve, located at the foundation along the front of your house, you can turn that valve off to make your repairs.
  • Who should I contact about a water leak?

     The Maintenance Division at (707) 469-6500 will respond to meter leaks, service leaks (on the City side of the meter), hydrant leaks and leaks in the street. Any leaks from the meter to and within the house are the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • If I am experiencing water pressure that is too low or too high, who should I call?

    The Finance Customer Service division at (707) 449-5128 will check your water pressure.
  • What if I have a plugged sewer?

    The Maintenance Division at 469-6500 will clear your sewer lateral from the cleanout located behind the sidewalk to the main. The homeowner is responsible for the lateral from that clean-out back to the house.
  • What should I do if the storm drain is plugged?

    The Maintenance Division at (707) 469-6500 will respond to and check storm drains for debris, including its removal. To prevent plugged storm drains, it is very helpful if residents collect the leaves in their yards and gutters for placement in their green yard waste toters. Not only is this material then kept out of the landfill, but the leaves are also kept out of the storm drains. This reduces the potential for localized flooding. In addition, as a side benefit, the leaves can be used to produce compost which residents can use to assist in the gardening efforts.
  • If I notice a maintenance problem after normal business hours, what should I do?

    You can call the Maintenance Division at (707) 469-6500 to leave a message for non-emergency items that will be answered the next business day, or call Police Dispatch at 449-5200 in order to contact our standby staff for items requiring immediate attention.