Extra Legal Load Permits

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Transportation Permits are issued for extra sized legal loads. The dimensions for legal loads are 14' high or less, 8'6" wide or less and 65' in length or less. Anything over these dimensions requires a transportation permit.

Transportation Permits are needed to ensure oversized loads are routed properly through the City. Oversized loads may also require pilot cars to ensure the public is aware of their presence.

Questions: (707) 449-5170
Fax: (707) 449-5346
E-mail: extralegalpermits@cityofvacaville.com

How to get a permit:

Permit Applications can be filed by fax or e-mail if the transporter has an account with the City. For information or to establish an account for payment of permit fees, contact the Traffic Engineering Division at (707) 449-5170. Transportation Permits will be issued within 2 business days of receiving the Permit Application.

If an applicant requires a permit, but they do not wish to set up an account, they can either come to the Public Works counter in City Hall at 650 Merchant Street, in person to fill out a permit, or they can go through a permit agency.


Account-holding applicants may pay fees by check or account. Payments by cash or check are accepted at the Traffic Engineering counter in Public Works, located in City Hall (650 Merchant Street). All forms of payments, including credit card, are accepted at the Finance Counter in the City Hall. Fees are as follows:

Single Trip Permit: $15
Annual Permit: $70

All transporters are required to have current auto liability insurance.


Download the permit type that you require below (Excel format). Then, fill in all fields, and e-mail it to: extralegalpermits@cityofvacaville.com

ANNUAL PERMIT (Excel file)




Approved permits will be faxed, not e-mailed, back to the applicant.


  • Alamo Drive - Merchant Street to Leisure Town Road
  • Aldridge Road - Eubanks Drive to Crocker Drive
  • Allison Drive (Future) - Elmira Road to Northerly City Limits Note: Allison Drive ends at Browns Valley Road. This designation includes Allison Parkway to its southern limits.
  • Browns Valley Parkway - Browns Valley Road to Monte Vista Avenue
  • Browns Valley Road - Browns Valley Parkway to Vaca Valley Parkway
  • Cliffside Drive - Interstate 80 to Peabody Road
  • Crocker Drive - Vaca Valley Parkway to Aldridge Road
  • Depot Street - Interstate 80 to Monte Vista Avenue
  • Dobbins Street - Monte Vista Avenue to Gibson Canyon Road
  • Elmira Road - Mason Street to Easterly city limits
  • Eubanks Drive - Vaca Valley Parkway - Northerly City limits
  • Farrell Road - Gibson Canyon Road to Orchard Avenue
  • Gibson Canyon Road - Dobbins Street to Northerly City limits
  • Mason Street - McClellan Street to Elmira Road
  • Meridian Road - Interstate 80 to Northerly City limits
  • Monte Vista Avenue - Dobbins Street to Vaca Valley Parkway
  • Monte Vista Avenue - Dobbins Street to Orchard Avenue (Alternate for wide loads)
  • Nut Tree Road - Elmira Road to Alamo Drive Note: Bridge restrictions; south of Marshall Road: GGOOO
  • Nut Tree Road - Orange Drive to Harbison Parkway
  • Orange Drive - Nut Tree Road to Leisure Town Road
  • Orchard Avenue - Monte Vista Avenue to Vaca Valley Parkway (Alternate for wide loads)
  • Peabody Road - Elmira Road to Southerly City limits
  • Vaca Valley Parkway - Browns Valley Road to Leisure Town Road
  • Vaca Valley Road - Orchard Avenue to Westerly City limits


The streets designated as extra-legal vehicle routes above, together with the following named streets below, are declared to be truck routes for the movement of trucks.

  • Akerly Drive - Leisure Town Road to Vaca Valley Parkway (Note: Akerly Drive no longer connects to Leisure Town Road)
  • Alamo Drive - West Monte Vista Avenue to Merchant Street
  • Bella Vista Road - Davis Street to Interstate-80
  • Cotting Lane - Crocker Drive to Westerly City limit
  • Crocker Drive - Aldridge Road to Northerly City limits
  • Davis Street - Bella Vista Road to Mason Street
  • Gilley Way - Leisure Town Road to Orange Drive
  • Hickory Lane - Interstate-80 to Davis Street
  • Hume Way - Davis Street - Easterly City limits (Note - Hume Way now connects to Peabody Road)
  • Mason Street - Merchant Street to McClellan Street
  • McClellan Street - Interstate-80 to East Monte Vista Avenue (Note: Bridge restriction: GGGOO)
  • Merchant Street - Interstate-80 to Mason Street
  • Midway Road - Westerly City limits to Easterly City limits
  • W. Monte Vista Avenue - Alamo Drive to Orchard Avenue
  • Nut Tree Road - East Monte Vista to Elmira Road

Other bridge restrictions:

Ulatis Drive - West of Nut Tree Road: GGGGG
Tulare Drive - South of Beelard Drive: GGGGO

Note: Leisure Town Road, from Orange Drive to Alamo Drive, is not designated as a truck route, and is designated as a restricted street pursuant to Section 10.32.030 of the Vacaville Municipal Code.