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Park Facilities

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The maintenance of Vacaville’s parks is held to specified standards, or Performance Measures, designed to maintain a high level of service within the constraints of limited budget and staff resources. Those Performance Measures include the following:

  • Mow turf weekly during the growing season
  • Aerate and fertilize turf twice per year
  • Repair playground vandalism and graffiti and miscellaneous repairs within two working days of report
  • If I see damaged or leaking irrigation systems in a park, whom do I call?

    Notify the Maintenance Division at (707) 469-6500.
  • What about damaged equipment or hazards in parks?

    If there is damaged playground equipment, ballfield or concession structures, turf or lights, or you are aware of any hazard in the parks, please call the Maintenance Division at (707) 469-6500.
  • How do I get a memorial park bench placed in one of the parks in the City of Vacaville?

    Park Bench application

    The City of Vacaville Memorial Bench Dedication Program provides the opportunity for members of the community to honor a loved one while also enhancing the beauty and utility of our parks. Please read the Memorial Bench Dedication Program on this application before submitting.