Flood Control & Storm Information

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While it often seems that flooding is beyond our control, there are measures that residents can take to prevent localized flooding and decrease its overall impact.

The information below will allow you and your family to start your preparations on how you will survive and live before, during, and after a flood. This is not a complete list of resources, but will get you started!

FEMA Website 
Click here  to review valuable flood information at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

To find the flood map of your area using the FEMA website, click here.

Vacaville Rain Gauge and Alamo Creek Level
The City now has rainfall gauges installed in three locations and creek level gauges installed at five locations throughout the City and region. 

Click here to see a map of where the gauges are located and to check on rainfall and creek levels.

Information on Flood Zones
Flood Zone mapping for Vacaville is prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA). The City of Vacaville can assist you in determining in which flood zone your property is located. Please contact the Public Works Department at (707) 449-5170 or stop by the Public Works Department at City Hall.

Flood Insurance
Your homeowner's or renter's insurance may not cover destruction caused by certain kinds of disaster, including floods and earthquakes. Now is the best time to check with your insurance agency to review your coverage. All Vacaville residents have the opportunity to insure their property against future flood damage; please visit www.floodsmart.gov or contact your insurance agent for more information.

Storm Drains
Keep your streets and gutters free of leaves and debris which can clog storm drains. Street sweeping equipment is not designed to pick up large quantities of leaves, particularly when they are wet. The sweeper drivers will often make several passes of those streets with heavy leaf drop in an attempt to collect as much as possible, but they will not be able to clear all the streets. If you have too many leaves to fit in your yard waste toter, you can use any number of 32-gallon garbage cans (with lids), or you can order additional toters from Recology for $4.00 per month each.

If you find that water is pooling around the storm drain on your street and beginning to flood the area, consider taking a rake and removing the leaves and debris from around the drain to allow free water flow. While Public Works Maintenance crews are very willing to respond calls for assistance, during heavy rains they may not be able to get to each storm drain as quickly as desired. Please contact (707) 469-6500 during business hours for assistance.

Sand and Sandbags
Residents can purchase supplies for sand bags at any of the City's home improvement stores, or Castle & King Rock & Ready Mix, located at 105 Aegean Way in Vacaville (707) 446-2434. A document showing how to fill and place sand bags is now available to assist residents in maximizing their protection against flooding. In the event of projected flooding from our major creek channels, sand will be made available at various City locations.

Weather and Road Conditions
Caltrans provides inormation on current road conditions. The California Highway Patrol provides information on current traffic incidents (use the drop down menu to select Bay Area or Sacramento). Current weather conditions for the Vacaville area can be viewed at www.weather.com

Emergency Alerts and Information

The City now operates its own radio station. Located at 530 AM, the station is on the air 24 hours a day with information about the City of Vacaville. 530 AM will be utilized during emergencies to provide up-to-the-minute information to residents. LISTEN TO 530 AM ONLINE.

KUIC 95.3, will also provide information to residents during disasters. The City of Vacaville staff keeps KUIC updated with emergency alerts pertinent to the area.

Channel 26, the local government cable TV channel may carry alerts as well. Comcast cable subscribers may turn to Channel 26. Those with AT&T U-Verse can tune to Channel 99.

Channel 26 also streams live on the web. Watch Channel 26 live.

After the Flood
If you are not directly affected by flooding or other disaster, please avoid venturing into flooded areas. Both your health and safety and the health and safety of area residents can be affected by “looky-loos” and joy-riders. If you would like to volunteer to assist those affected, please contact City Hall at (707) 449-5100 or visit www.CityofVacaville.com for volunteer opportunities .

Information on repairing your home after a flood has been provided by FEMA and the Red Cross. Visit www.redcross.org.

Additional Information regarding flood preparedness in Solano has been prepared by Solano County.