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Hydrant Meter Process

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A Hydrant Meter is required to use water from the City's fire hydrants.

The customer:

  •  Gets a permit number from the Public Works Department.
  •  Places a $250.00 deposit at the Finance Counter.
  •  Brings their receipt back to the Public Works counter.
  •  Fills out a Hydrant Permit Application. 
  •  Takes the original deposit receipt, a copy of the permit application, and the meter with them.


The customer will be charged $15.15 per day for the rental of the meter, and a separate additional charge for the water used. Water will be billed at the current rate of $1.67 per unit (1 unit =748 Gallons).

Completion of usage of the meter:

The customer returns the meter to the Public Works counter and is given a receipt with the final meter reading. A billing worksheet is processed and sent to the Finance Division. 


Customers may keep deposits "on hold" or request that the deposit be released. A billing worksheet is processed and sent to the Finance Division to process the daily rental charge(s), water usage charge, and if requested, a refund for the $250.00 deposit. 

Extended Use:

For those who need meters for an extended amount of time, a monthly bill will be issued for the daily rental charges and water usage.  Companies can either email a picture of the hydrant meter depicting the meter serial number and meter reading or they may bring the meter in at the end of the  month to have Public Works staff read the meter.

End of the year:

Meters should be returned so that all deposits can be released.  If an individual or company wishes to keep using a meter during this time, the old deposit will be released and a new deposit will need to be made, along with a new Hydrant Permit Application.


  • Capital Improvement Projects are provided Hydrant Meters free of charge, although a permit must still  be issued, in order to track the hydrant meter and water usage.

Please contact Public Works Engineering at (707) 449-5170 or email for any questions about Hydrant Meters or to email your hydrant meter reading.