Drawings, Maps and Plans

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The Department of Public Works Engineering Division maintains a file which includes:

  • As-Built Plans of City Projects
  • Subdivision Maps
  • Citywide Orthoimagery
  • Citywide Control Network: City Benchmarks
  • Standard Specifications & Standard Drawings 

The Citywide Benchmark System is comprised of 40 monuments in the California Coordinate System Zone 2, adjusted to the North America Datum (“NAD”) of 1983 (Northing, Easting) and the North America Vertical Datum (“NAVD”) of 1988 (Elevation). The record of survey for the Citywide Control Network can be found on sheets 22-RS-10 through 22-RS-17.

Copies of the drawings, plans, and the benchmark map are available for costs ranging from $3.00 to $25.00. You must request drawings in person at the Public Works Engineering counter at 650 Merchant Street. For questions, please call Public Works at (707) 449-5170.

City of Vacaville Infrastructure Books and Maps below are dated 03/31/2015 and are updated quarterly.

Sewer Book

Sewer Map

Water Book

Water Map

Storm Drain Book

Storm Drain Map