About Public Works

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The Department of Public Works is one of the most diverse departments within the City of Vacaville. We are responsible for every public facility that a citizen sees and uses in their daily life. In addition to its 95 full-time positions, the Department utilizes as many as 36 seasonal non-full-time positions based upon program needs.


Functional Responsibilities

 Public Works is responsible for the following major functions:

  1. Planning, designing, and constructing new public facilities and structures, as well as rehabilitating or modifying existing facilities and structures.  Inspecting private development projects for consistency with City Standards with the public rights-of-way.
  2. Maintaining infrastructure within the public right-of-way (both above and below ground level), such as storm drain mains, creeks, streets, sidewalks, roadside easements, sewer and water mains, traffic signals, and street lights.
  3. Maintaining City buildings and the City’s vehicle fleet.
  4. Maintaining parks, setback and median landscaping, open space, and bike trails.
  5. Planning, design, and operation of the City's transportation facilities, including the traffic model, traffic signal system, development review, and transportation safety. 
  6. Providing design review and input on all private development projects to ensure consistency with City Standards and adjacent Capital Improvement Projects (“CIP”).
  7. Administering refuse collection services, yard waste collection, household hazardous waste disposal, and the curbside recycling programs.
  8. Providing emergency services during situations involving street flooding.


Organizational Structure

Public Works is organized into four divisions in order to provide the wide range of services needed by residents and businesses: Administrative Services, Engineering Services, Maintenance, and Traffic Engineering. Each division employs a different combination of professional, clerical, technical, labor, and operational staff to perform its specialized types of services.

Engineering Services Division

The Engineering Services Division is comprised of four sections: Design, Construction, Land Development, and Administrative Support.

Design: This section consists of professional registered and non-registered civil engineers and technical support staff who provide full service design, right-of-way acquisition, and project management for all Capital Improvement Projects (“CIP’s”). In addition, this section is responsible for maintaining the City-wide base mapping and public utilities mapping, and maintains record drawings of all public and private projects in the city.

Construction and Land Development: These sections consists of professional engineers and technical staff with expertise in construction specializing in field testing and inspection, as well as full service construction administration. This section ensures CIP and private construction projects are of high quality and completed in accordance with the contract documents and within budget, while minimizing any inconvenience to the public regarding their safety.

Administrative Support: This section provides accounting, customer service, grant administration, and technical administrative support.

Maintenance Division

The Maintenance Division provides municipal services such as street repair, maintenance of water and sewer lines, and upkeep of the parks. In addition, it provides internal City services such as vehicle repair and City facilities maintenance. The Maintenance Division is divided into eight sections: Transit,  Central Stores, Fleet Maintenance,  Facilities Maintenance, Park Maintenance, Street Maintenance, Field Utilities Maintenance, and Administration.

Fleet Maintenance: Primary functions are to purchase new vehicles and equipment, and to provide both major and preventive maintenance and repair services of all fleet and equipment including Transit, Police, and Fire.

Parks Maintenance: Maintains the City’s regional, community, and neighborhood parks, and performs tasks associated with park and grounds maintenance, including ball field maintenance. In addition, they maintain over 2,000 acres of open space, creeks, as well as the landscaping of all public buildings, bike trails, and setbacks along arterial streets.

Facilities Maintenance: Maintains more than 580,000 sf of City facilities. Their varied duties include carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair, installation of safety equipment, and the maintenance of pumps.

Street Maintenance/Traffic Safety: Maintains arterial, collector and residential streets, as well as curbs, gutters and sidewalks. Street Maintenance responsibilities include paving, crack sealing and patching of streets, as well as concrete work, channel and creek maintenance, and weed abatement. Traffic Safety has responsibility for City traffic signals, City-owned street lights, street signs, lane striping, crosswalks and pavement legends.

Field Utilities Maintenance: Maintains the water distribution and sewer collection systems. Employees are available 24 hours per day to provide timely service, and to respond to emergency situations. Their work focuses on the repair and maintenance of water mains, sanitary sewer lines and related valves, and the storm drain system.

Administration: Responsible for the overall management of the Maintenance Division. Under the direction of the Deputy Director of Public Works, managerial, engineering and technical/clerical employees provide necessary support services. In addition, this Section oversees recycling and integrated waste management efforts.

Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for the planning, design, and operation of the street network in the City of Vacaville. This includes Transportation Planning & Modeling, Traffic Engineering Design/Safety Analysis /Signal Operations, Regional Transportation Coordination and Funding.

Transportation Modeling: Evaluates the City’s transportation infrastructure as it relates to new and existing residential and business development within Vacaville. Staff coordinates transportation system planning within the goals, objectives, and policies of the City’s General Plan.

Plan Development/Traffic Operations: Responsible for the safe, efficient flow of traffic within Vacaville’s transportation infrastructure. This includes ongoing safety improvements to street signing, striping, and signals.

Transit: Operates City Coach, the City’s local bus system. City Coach has a fleet of 13 buses, 7 diesels and 6 compressed natural gas, which operate on 7 scheduled routes, Monday through Saturday. Transit also coordinates regional funding and inter-regional routes with private and public agencies serving Solano County.