PW staff photo 2018

Vacaville has long prided itself in being a community known as a "great place to live." The City's strategic mission and vision focus is on enhancing the quality of life for the overall community.

The Department of Public Works provides a wide range of services that affect the quality of life Vacaville residents enjoy. To reinforce the City's effort to provide a good place for residents to live and businesses to grow, the Department of Public Works has established as its Mission Statement: "Service is Our Business." Our department mission reflects our commitment to maintain and improve the City's infrastructure, while serving the on-going needs of our customers.

In addition, we have established four supporting goals to further guide our efforts:

  1. To gain and hold our customer's respect, and honor our obligations by reaching out to our customers through education, solicitation of input, responsive feedback, and understanding customer needs.
  2. To remain competitive in our services and excel in quality, we will continue to provide efficient, productive, and effective services.
  3. To lead proactively by seeking innovative solutions to ever changing needs of our customers and reduction in resources.
  4. To treat our employees as our greatest resource and share the Department's success with them. 


Thank you for visiting our website. We, at the Public Works Department, take pride in the service we provide to our residents and neighbors to help make this City a very special place to live and work.

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