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The Youth Services Section offers many services to school aged children and their parents and is dedicated to serving youth and families. Youth Services exists to help youth succeed at home, at school, at work and with friends. The strengthening of the family unit, regardless of how large or small, is the key to youth success. YSS staff has extensive training and expertise in dealing with youth and family issues. YSS is comprised of a Community Service Officer, Family Support Workers, Counseling Interns, Master Social Workers, Police Officers and Support Staff. YSS staff offices are located at three high schools and two middle schools in Vacaville. We welcome the opportunity to provide service to your family. Services are also provided to Spanish speaking families. Parenting classes are available for Spanish and English speaking parents of strong-willed children.

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YSS provides training and follow-up to the schools in Vacaville about the Standard Response Protocol to emergencies on or near campus.

In partnership with Alcohol and Beverage Control and our ABC grant, YSS works to curb underage drinking. YSS conducts educational compliance checks at businesses who sell alcohol and hosts training for the employees at businesses who serve alcohol. YSS also conducts undercover operations to determine if businesses will sell to or if citizens will purchase alcohol for minors.

YSS participates with NASRO (National Association of School Resource Officers). YSS was 1 of 10 diversion programs nationwide to receive a NASRO 2015 Model Agency Award.

YSS partnered with the Vacaville Unified School District to create a class called “Safety and Service in Today’s Society”. Our SRO’s will be teaching the elective class at Vacaville High and Will C. Wood High beginning Fall 2017.


The Diversion program is a Restorative Justice Program designed to help juvenile offenders stay out of the Juvenile Justice System. It is an option for first time offenders and some second time offenders who live in Vacaville. The Juvenile offender and parent(s)/guardian(s) are scheduled to attend a Diversion Hearing. At the hearing, the juvenile must take responsibility for their actions/behaviors and admit responsibility for the charges. (If the juvenile pleads innocent to the charge(s), the case is forwarded to Solano County Juvenile Probation, where a not guilty plea can be entered.) The Diversion Team (Police Officer or Community Service Officer and a Master Social Worker) conducts a thorough assessment of the case, the circumstances and behaviors that may or may not be involved directly with the case (e.g. school behavior and discipline, home behavior and discipline). If approved by the Diversion Team, the Juvenile pays an administrative fee and is assigned up to a six month diversion contract. The contract may consist of any or all of the following: Alcohol & Drug Awareness Prevention Training (ADAPT), community service hours, leadership service (REACH), counseling, Drug and Alcohol Group (Insight), drug testing, letter of apology, Anger Management Group, Parent Project or Parent Project Jr (English and Spanish), Petty Theft Class, Curfew Class, the Prison Outreach Program (POP), improvement of grades and school attendance, and frequent contact with the diversion officer. In most cases, the Police Officer or CSO is responsible for enforcement of the terms of the contract and the MSW is responsible for the oversight of the counseling portion of the program. Upon successful completion of the diversion contract, the youth’s file will stay within the Vacaville Police Department and will not be forwarded to the courts. At a later date, the file will be purged.


Alcohol and Drug Awareness Preventative Training (ADAPT)

This is a drug and alcohol program for youth that provides a unique approach to teenage substance abuse. The program includes a tour of the coroner’s office, a presentation by a parolee, a presentation by a family whose life was severely affected by drugs and alcohol and a session which increases communication between the youth and their parents about drug and alcohol usage. This program is held on a Saturday, at least four times a year. 

Anger Management

Anger Management group provides youth with anger management information that explains the emotional and physical changes associated with anger, triggers to anger, the effects of alcohol and drugs on behavior and ways to identify and prevent anger that manifests into violence. This group meets for eight weeks, one day per week for one hour after school at one of the high schools in Vacaville. There are also groups available for middle school students at one of the Vacaville middle schools. This training is held at least four times a year.

Advocating for Wellness Adolescent Recovery & Education (AWARE)

AWARE is a community coalition that meets monthly to discuss and implement strategies and programs to reduce the rate of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use among Vacaville teens. AWARE is made up of community members and agencies, including Vacaville Unified School District and is funded by the City of Vacaville Police
Department in partnership with the Solano County Board of Supervisors.

AWARE believes that individuals & communities can be at risk of developing substance abuse issues around alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD). We use prevention strategies to help reduce the rate of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Strategies include:

  • Community Organizing Mentoring (i.e. Boomerang Project, Youth Taking on Tobacco and more)
  • Coalition Building
  • Media Advocacy & Campaigns
  • Policy Monitoring
  • Education and Training (i.e. Parent Project, Youth Development & Responsible Beverage Service)

Curfew Class

Curfew Class groups meet at Country High School for a one time, one hour class. The administrative fee for this class is $25.00. There is no diversion contract. During this class, youth discuss the reasons for the curfew ordinance in the City of Vacaville. At the end of the discussion, the students take a test.

Drug/Alcohol Group (Insight)

The Drug/Alcohol Group is an educational support session for teens with issues related to substance abuse. It is a confidential group where children receive support and education on the affects of drugs, alcohol, addiction and recovery. This group meets for eight weeks, one day per week for one hour after school at one of the high schools. There are also groups available for middle school students at one of the middle schools. This training is held at least four times a year.

Marijuana classes

Due to marijuana laws resulting from the passage of Proposition 64 in November 2016, all marijuana violations for minors are now infractions.  This includes Sales, Transportation, Cultivation, Manufacturing of Concentrated Cannabis and Possession.  These offenses are now heard in Solano County Juvenile Court.  The penalty for the new laws is drug education and counseling and community service hours.  When the law passed, the court systems did not have education and counseling available.  The Youth Services Section has teamed up with Solano County Juvenile Court and we offer the education and counseling components for those juveniles who live or attend school in Vacaville when it has been ordered by the courts. These can be group classes or individual counseling. Depending upon the charge, a variety of marijuana education/counseling options are available to the juvenile. There is no diversion contract for offenses which are classified as infractions.

Parent Project

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The Parent Project is an award-winning curriculum for parents of strong-willed or out-of-control kids ages 11-18. Parents will receive the tools to change any unwanted behavior—defiance, gangs, drug/alcohol use, improving school performance. Parents meet each week for three hours for a total of ten weeks in a fun interactive class which provides the necessary emotional support to follow through on the practical advice. Parents will learn the importance of love and affection, positive strokes and how to keep kids accountable. Learn how to never argue with your child again and much more. The class includes up to 30-hours of instruction and has become very popular. The class is now offered 4 times a year by Vacaville Police Department MSWs and Police Officers. The class usually fills quickly, so register now! To register, call (707) 437-8185.

The Parent Project Junior is a no-frills parenting class for parents of strong-willed children ages 5-10. A special component for children with ADD and ADHD issues is also offered to parents. Parents meet for three hours once a week for seven weeks. The class is offered three times a year and pre-registration is required. Parents will learn the three most powerful ways to motivate their children. A parent’s formula for success is offered which gives parents the tools to change and prevent unwanted and destructive behaviors.

Parent Project has been taught by the Youth Services Section for 20 years. Of parents who completed the class, 100 percent of them would recommend it to other parents.

Petty Theft Classes

The Petty Theft class is held for youth that have been arrested for shoplifting. The one time, one hour group class involves a discussion in regards to the reasons why the youth shoplifted. A video is shown in regards to the consequences of shoplifting. The youth take a shoplifting test at the end of the video.


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The four day, four hour per day annual Academy is designed to teach and enforce traits that will help youth make good decisions in life as individuals, as team members and as leaders. The instructors will create competitive environments and push participants to set goals, create a plan and implement their plan. At the end of the Academy the youth will leave with greater confidence in their ability to make good decisions in stressful environments. Hard work, team work, setting goals and leadership are all emphasized at the Academy. There are both physical and mental challenges during the Academy.

Youth ages 15-18 years old, who are Vacaville residents can participate in the TNT Academy. The participants should enjoy adventure, hard work and being challenged. The TNT Academy will exhaust the participants physically and mentally. The Academy will present them with tests that require strategy and planning. The youth will compete as teams on several obstacle courses. The obstacle courses require strenuous physical effort. The Academy requires youth to run, lift heavy objects, climb and jump.

The Academy will be held at the City Hall Park, behind City Hall on Merchant Street. All sessions are outdoors. Every day starts at 8am sharp and will be over by noon.

Participants receive a T-Shirt to wear during the Academy. Participants should bring a filled water bottle each day. At successful completion of the Academy, participants will be awarded a “Tried N Tested” shirt. There will be a pizza party with refreshments at the end of the fourth day.

Applications for the Academy will be available at the YSS offices. Please submit your completed application into a Youth Services Officer. Successful applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the Academy. Successful applicants will be required to complete a waiver and acknowledgement of the rules and code of conduct. This class is free to youth living in the city of Vacaville.


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The Vacaville REACH Coalition promotes the physical, emotional, and social well-being of all youth by advocating for policies and systems changes that unleash the power and potential for all youth to succeed. We strive to increase youth safety in the community and connect youth to existing resources.

The Vacaville REACH Youth Coalition connects communities and youth. The program, which is funded by Sierra Health Foundation, focuses on increasing youth participation in quality programs, providing opportunities for youth to develop leadership skills while contributing to their communities, and helping communities take action to create positive opportunities for youth.

We are a partnership of youth and adults, all striving for the same outcomes: Keeping our community safe and empowering youth and adults to strive for the best future.

Community Outreach Committee
The Community Outreach Committee works to promote upcoming events and resources available to the community.

Video Committee
The Video Committee is a youth-led group that enables youth people to advocate for causes in their community. Youth use video technology to tell a story to create change in their community. REACH’s current work includes a video documentary on the Rocky Hill Trail, a trail in Vacaville that REACH has worked to call attention to.

Rocky Hill Trail
The Vacaville REACH Coalition has assisted with mobilizing the community to raise awareness of the Rocky Hill Trail, a trail that grew out of necessity in a low-income neighborhood in Vacaville. The Coalition has worked with members of our community and City personnel to make recommendations for improvements.

Youth Master Plan 
The Vacaville REACH Coalition is working to implement the Vacaville Youth Master Plan to address the needs of today’s youth ages 0-24. We are accomplishing this through the Vacaville Youth Roundtable.

Summer Bike Program
Vacaville REACH Youth Coalition partnered with the Vacaville Unified School District (VUSD), California State Prison-Solano, California Medical Facility (CMF) and The Father’s House to start a summer bike give-away program in alliance with VUSD’s Summer Lunch Program. REACH co-organized a community wide bike drive to get the community to donate bikes. The bike drive was held at Vacaville High and Will C. Wood High Schools. Police Activities League (PAL) also partnered with us and assisted by collecting bikes at the Three Oaks Community Center during their Recreation Expo event. 117 bikes were collected during the event. Bikes are restored by CMF and are given away to youth during the summer.

City of Vacaville's General Plan
The Vacaville REACH Coalition worked with the Community Development Department to include youth voice in the planning and decision making process of creating the City of Vacaville’s General Plan.

The Vacaville REACH Coalition worked with the City of Vacaville to ensure youth voice was included in the City of Vacaville’s website design. The City of Vacaville page includes a youth section and social networking components. We are also working to develop a new youth webpage for Vacaville.

The Vacaville REACH Coalition takes every opportunity to provide leadership and mentoring to youth. REACH has intern positions available.

Contact Us:
Two high schools have a Youth Services office on campus. The number for Vacaville High School is (707) 449-1820. Will C. Wood's number is (707) 449-6086. Office hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.