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The Traffic Section of the Vacaville Police Department is responsible for providing traffic safety services to the community. This mission is accomplished through the use of Education, Engineering and Enforcement. Our goal is to reduce the number and severity of traffic collisions and help keep our streets safe for all motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Traffic Officers see firsthand the devastation and tragedy which can result from negligent, criminal or thoughtless acts committed behind the wheel. The men and women in law enforcement are aware that no one likes to receive a citation; however, the reality is that the most effective way to modify bad driving behavior is through proactive enforcement.

Traffic Officers of the Vacaville Police Department believe we can and do make a difference. We realize we may not win a popularity contest, but studies have proven that through a combination of education and enforcement, our community’s roadways are made safer for everyone.

The Traffic Section has ten officers assigned to handle all traffic related issues: one Traffic Sergeant, five Motorcycle Officers, two DUI Officers and two Community Service Officers.

The Traffic Officer’s primary responsibility is to investigate traffic collisions and to enforce traffic laws. In addition, Traffic Officers handle traffic complaints, parking complaints, respond to traffic hazards, assist in the coordination of special events, tow abandoned vehicles, provide public education presentations, conduct tow truck inspections, taxi cab inspections, tow yard inspections and supplement Patrol Officers by responding to and covering on, calls for service.

Speed is one of the leading causes of collisions. Traffic Officers utilize visual estimates of speed, hand-held RADAR, moving RADAR and hand-held LIDAR to assist in the enforcement of violations. In addition, the Traffic Section deploys a RADAR trailer as an educational tool to help make drivers aware of their speed. To request the RADAR trailer be placed on a roadway in your neighborhood, call (707) 449-5282.


In an effort to reduce violations and collisions before they occur, the Traffic Section conducts education as part of its overall traffic safety plan. Traffic safety presentations in schools and at neighborhood meetings cover topics such as DUI, driver / bicycle / pedestrian safety and current traffic related trends.


The Traffic section works in partnership with the City of Vacaville Traffic Engineering Department to identify any problem areas throughout the city. This may include signage, traffic signals, parking issues, visual obstructions and congestion.


The City of Vacaville has approximately 309 miles of public roadway, is approximately 29       square miles and has 29 schools. Primary enforcement efforts are directed in areas of the City where the majority of traffic collisions occur. This has a greater positive impact on the overall safety of our roadways.

The Vacaville Police Department is dedicated to reducing the number of unlicensed and suspended drivers operating on our roadways. Studies show that those drivers who are unlicensed or are operating a motor vehicle while their privilege to do so has been suspended are more likely to be involved in a traffic collision. Because of this, the Vacaville Police Department has the Vacaville Serious Traffic Offender Program also known as V-S.T.O.P. This is a “No Tolerance” program with respect to arresting unlicensed and suspended drivers and towing their vehicles. In addition, the Traffic section conducts DUI / Driver’s License checkpoints. These checkpoints are funded in part by the California Office of Traffic Safety. The checkpoints are intended to educate motorists on the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and removing impaired drivers from our roadways.

Contact Us:

For more information, please contact the Vacaville Police Department Traffic Section at (707) 449-5282. The Traffic Section Office is located the Vacaville Police Department, 660 Merchant St., Vacaville, CA, 95688.