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Records Section

The Vacaville Police Department Records Section staff are often the first people you see when you come to the Department lobby.

The Records Section seeks to provide professional service by ensuring the lawful distribution, accuracy, security and completeness of all records.  In the quest to provide exceptional customer service, the Records Section is also responsible for providing a variety of other police services.

Fingerprint & LiveScan

We offer rolled prints and LiveScan fingerprinting service. Rolled fingerprints are performed on Tuesdays between 10 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. No appointment is necessary for rolled prints; the fee is $10 payable in cash, check or credit card. LiveScan fingerprinting is on Tuesdays between 10 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. You must schedule an appointment to have a LiveScan. An appointment can be made by contacting Records at (707) 449-5226. LiveScan processing costs $38 made to the City of Vacaville. DOJ/FBI processing fees are additional and are determined as the fingerprints are submitted to DOJ and/or FBI, these fees range between $32-$60 and are payable by cash, check or credit card.

Local Records Check Information

A local records check can be completed for $38 payable by cash, check, or money order at the time you submit the Police Department Local Records Check Form. This report takes three to five business days to complete and can be notarized if desired for an additional fee of $10. Please be prepared to present photo ID at the time you submit the Local Records Check Request Form.

Copies of Reports or Citations

To receive a copy of an incident, or crime report concerning you or your property or a copy of your traffic citation, please complete the Police Department’s Request Form. A report copy/citation costs $.25 a page. The copy of your report may not be available the same day of the request. When you pick up your report, you must present photo ID. When you request a mailed copy of your report, you must first pay for the report with a check or money order and present a photo ID at the time you complete your request. Please note that not all reports requested are available for release. When a report is not releasable, we will inform you by mail of the reason. Arrest reports will not be released. A copy will be given to you or your attorney at your first court arraignment. If you do not receive a report copy at your first court arraignment, contact the DA’s office at (707) 784-6800.

To receive a copy of a traffic accident report please go to CRASHDOCS.ORG and order your accident report online. Be prepared to enter your email address, last name, date of accident, and report number into the search feature to locate and print your traffic accident report.

Special Event Permits

  • For the protection of children, any employees or volunteer who will be working with or in the area of your event that will host children must complete and submit the attached application for a background screening.
  • Every worker, or potential worker, MUST complete and submit an application with a clear copy of their State or Government issued ID.
  • Each individual must submit a separate application. Multiple individuals may not be submitted on the same application.
  • The required fee is $30 per booth (waived for Non-Profit groups).
  • All completed applications must be returned to the Vacaville Police Department on the date given to you by the Police Dept. 
  • All workers must be photographed for the issuance of a badge, dates to come to the Police Dept to take photos will be given to you by the Police Dept. Badges will not be issued on the day of the event so you must appear on the given dates and times.
  • If you do not submit an application, you will not be permitted to work at the event.
  • Any incomplete or late applications may result in processing delays that would not meet mandatory application deadlines and would therefore deny your participation.

Special Events Permit Form

Request to Dismiss Charges

If you currently have a case against another party and the charges are at the District Attorney’s Office, you can complete the proper form. When you have completed the form, submit it to us along with your picture ID for photocopy and attachment to the form. This information will then be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for their review. This is not a guarantee that the charges will be dismissed – it is only a review of such a request.

Contact Us:

The Records Section is located in the Police Department lobby. Lobby service hours are Monday-Thursday and every other Friday.

8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Please refer to the FAQ's page for more information.

Communications Center

Communications Center handles most calls that come into our department and is responsible for sending police/fire and paramedics to where they are needed throughout the city. The Communication Center is located within the Vacaville Police Department. It is often considered the “hub” of the agency. The Communication Center handles both business lines and 911 emergency calls. The center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We currently have 18 full-time dispatchers, 2 supervisors, and 4 lead dispatchers. Dispatchers work either a 4 day/10 hour or 3 day/12 hour schedule. Our center handles both police and fire calls and dispatchers are EMD certified. This means we can give medical instruction prior to paramedics' arrival - which often saves lives. In addition, our tactical dispatch team can respond with our SWAT and negotiation teams during emergency situations. The Communication Center handles all the 911 and business calls for Vacaville residents. If you live within the city limits and dial 911 from your phone you will reach the Vacaville Police Department. All other incoming calls to our department – to report suspicious activity, report a cold crime or to be connected with another unit or staff should be placed by calling (707) 449-5200, or the specific department.

Emergency Calls

911 is for emergencies only. Call 911 when there is an immediate threat to life or property and an immediate response from fire, paramedics and/or officers is needed. Placing Emergency Calls will give you more information on accessing dispatch and emergency services. Emergency assistance calls made from a cellular phone should be placed by dialing (707) 449-5200. 911 cellular phone calls have to be re-routed from either California Highway Patrol or the Solano Sheriff’s Department to our Communication Center.

Business Calls and Other Calls for Service

The communication center also receives calls on our business lines. If you are not sure your call is an emergency the dispatcher will take your information and assist you accordingly. The non-emergency number is (707) 449-5200. If you live in a rural area of Vacaville or in Solano County, you will need to contact the Solano County Sheriff's Department and Communications Center. They handle their jurisdictions 911 lines. Their business line is (707) 421-7090.

Please...remember to act carefully and safely...

We appreciate your assistance when reporting a crime, injured people, and suspicious activity, etc. Please try to remain calm when you call our communication center. Tell us what you know, but do not put yourself in harm’s way and become another victim.