Alarm Ordinance

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The City of Vacaville is pleased to announce the adoption of a new solution that will allow its alarm customers to submit payment online or by mail.

The City has partnered with PM AM Corporation, a US-based False Alarm Management System administrator, to administer its Alarm Program in an effort to streamline an end-to-end process for its customers. PM AM will be responsible for the City’s alarm registration and false alarm billings beginning this month.

PM AM will also continue to provide the excellent customer service the Vacaville community has come to expect. A website has been created detailing more information about how to complete initial registrations and pay renewals and false alarm bills:  

The goal of the City’s migration to this vendor is to reduce the delay in processing false alarm notifications and bring down the number of false alarm activation requiring a response by both the Vacaville Police Department and Vacaville Fire Department, which will ultimately free up resources. Secondly, the PM AM web portal will provide citizens with access to educational materials in an effort to reduce instances of false alarm recurrence.

The City of Vacaville Alarm Ordinance (CA Ordinance No. 1729) requires all residents and businesses with an alarm system to apply for an alarm permit by completing an online application, which is available at If you already have a current permit, there is nothing you need to do at this time. If you don’t have a permit, you can complete the application and mail it to:

City of Vacaville False Alarm Reduction Program
P.O. Box 141866
Irving, TX 75014

Alarm Permit- Annual Registration:

  • Residential location: $26 per year
  • Commercial locations: $26 per year

 False Alarms

  • False Alarm Fee: $88
  • Suspension after three (3) false alarms in a 12-month period (excluding responses to robbery or panic alarms)
  • False alarm counter will reset to zero at the end of the twelve (12) month permit period with payment of Permit Renewal fee. The permit period begins on the last day of the month when the original registration is sent in.

For any questions related to the City of Vacaville Alarm Program, please contact PM AM at 1-888-509-9165 Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. PST.

Contact Us: If you have any questions, e-mail our Alarm Administrator by clicking here or contact by phone at (707) 449-5387.

Please refer to the Alarm FAQ's for more information.

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