Neighborhood Watch

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Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch is your best defenses against crime. The reason why Neighborhood Watch works so well is that it trains community members on how to report and protect themselves from crime. It also fosters relationships that keep a neighborhood strong and keeps crime at bay.

If you do not have an active group, now is the time to start! Arrange a meeting at a convenient time for you and your neighbors and make sure that the Crime Prevention officer is available to attend. That is it! The officer will email you invitations that you can give your neighbors to advertise the event.

During the meeting we discuss current crime trends and how to protect yourself from them; functions of our police department, when to call 911, how to report something suspicious and how to enhance your home security. The meeting usually takes less than two hours.

Contact Us:

If you are interested in forming a Business or a Neighborhood Watch please call (707) 449-5432 or email the Crime Prevention Unit.