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The Vacaville Police Department is dedicated to providing outstanding law enforcement services to the community. The department employs 173 full time employees, utilizes many civilian volunteers, and maintains Reserve Officer and Cadet Programs. We are a service-oriented agency that prides itself on integrity, professionalism, and concern for the quality of life in our community. John Carli is the Chief of Police in the City of Vacaville. John began his career with the Vacaville PD in 1989 and was appointed Chief in April 2014.

The Police Department serves the public through its patrol and detective services. In addition, the department also has a special weapon and tactics team, a Youth Services Section, and K-9 units. Among the special units is Family Investigative Response and Services Team (FIRST) that encompasses domestic violence, adult abuse, and child abuse. The Family Resource Center works out of our FIRST office.

The Department has received state and national recognition for innovative programs and services that are unique in the profession. Among these is our Family Investigative Response Service Team (FIRST), a multi-disciplinary family services team staffed by investigators, clinicians, and family support advocates.



Integrity in Our Actions

  • We show respect for ourselves, our organization, and our community by always acting in a manner above reproach both in public and with each other.
  • Our actions match our words and we hold each other and ourselves accountable to our core values.

 Service to the Community

  • We understand the support we receive from the community is not to be taken for granted and is earned through professionalism and honesty in the safety and service we provide.
  • We take ownership of problems brought to our attention and strive to solve them with all available resources.

Ethical Conduct and Decision Making

  • Public trust is earned through strict adherence to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.
  • We make decisions consistent with our values and in the best interest of our organization and the community.

Respect for Human Dignity

  • As members of the Vacaville Police Department, we treat each other and everyone we contact with decency and respect.
  • While maintaining personal safety, we remember that we often meet individuals on their worst days and strive to preserve their dignity.

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