Annual Recertifications

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What do I need to report?

Section 8 Regulations now require that all income (money) you receive must be reported. This includes Food Stamps, income received by children, etc. Although not all these amounts are used to calculate your share of the rent, you must report them. Also complete current bank statements or other asset income must be reported. It is a HUD requirement that families report all changes in household composition.

When will my annual recertification be held?

In accordance with HUD requirements, the Vacaville Housing Authority (VHA) and the Solano County Housing Authority (SCHA) will recertify the income and household composition of all families at least annually.

What supporting documents do I need?

In the notification letter to the family, the VHA/SCHA will include instructions for the family to bring the following items: Completed Personal Declaration Form; Current documentation of all household income and assets; Current documentation of any deductions/allowances; and Release of Information documents signed by all adult household members. If all required documentation isn't provided by the date of the interview appointment, the family will be given a form requesting any missing documents and allow 7 calendar days to provide them. If the documents are not provided within 7 calendar days, the VHA/SCHA may begin the process to terminate the family’s assistance.

How is my information collected?

The VHA/SCHA has established appropriate recertification procedures necessary to ensure that the income data provided by families is complete and accurate. The family must complete a recertification form. The recertification form will be reviewed by the VHA/SCHA, and the information provided by the family will be verified.

I missed my annual deadline, what happens next?

Families will be granted a maximum of one (1) reschedule for good cause. If the family does not appear for the recertification interview in person or by phone, and has not rescheduled or made prior arrangements, the VHA/SCHA will send a notice scheduling a final appointment for a resolution conference. If the family fails to appear for the final appointment, and has not requested in advance to reschedule for good cause, or if the family has a pattern of missed appointments, the VHA/SCHA will send the family a notice of termination and offer them an Informal Hearing.

What is “good cause”?

“Good Cause” is defined as an unavoidable conflict that seriously affects the health, safety or welfare of the family. Families will be granted a maximum of one (1) reschedules for good cause.

What are the family obligations?

The VHA/SCHA may deny or terminate assistance for a family because of the family's action or failure to act. The VHA/SCHA provides families with a written description of the family obligations under the program, the grounds under which the VHA/SCHA can deny or terminate assistance, and the VHA/SCHA's informal hearing procedures.

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